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Jul 11 11 4:36 PM

News about the 3D Tekken movie dropped today..... very cool news at that!


The Tekken movie is getting a limited showing in USA Theaters! (not sure about other regions) Later this month the Tekken movie will be shown for one day only on July 26th at 7:30 at select theaters, a solid month or so before Japan. Also theres a 20minute special presentation during it.

Pretty cool of NamcoBandai to do this, not sure if I want to go though. I might just end up hitting it up to go.

Also if you ever wondered why the characters from Street Fighter EX never made it into another game, because another company owned them dispite nothing being done with them... well Akira finally decided to use them after like 10 years in their orginal fighting game. Fighters Sample.

Yeah.... its the exact same engine as Street Fighter EX lol. Way to recycle that engine and feed off the fighting game hype. Should have just let Capcom have those characters haha.�

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Jul 20 11 12:31 PM

Capcom just annouced Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 with several gameplay videos on their youtube account.

12 new characters to be added the first 4 annouced are Ghost Rider, Hawkeye, Firebrand (Red Arremer from Ghouls n Ghosts), and Strider Hiryu (Got the license back I guess w00t) . Also adds new stages, look to the hud, and probably more. More details at comic-con, but I assume this will be a dlc expansion along with a full retail disc similar to SF4's Arcade Edition.

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Jul 20 11 1:03 PM

Strider = WIN
Ghost Rider = Ehhhhhh....he looks cool I must say since he's a range fighter heh
Firebrand/Red Arremer = Should've just let him stay on SvC Chaos  

EDIT: So it seems the other 8 characters have been leaked out as well


-Frank West
-Phoenix Wright


-Doctor Strange
-Rocket Raccoon
-Iron Fist

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Jul 20 11 2:36 PM

Hawkeye isnt a random choice, hes one of the main Avengers and was even in the Thor movie. Been around a long time :p But still wishing for Ms. Marvel, random no names like Rocket Raccoon need to gtfo if thats real haha.

I'd love me some Nemesis though...

So far the new characters go along with the supposed leaked list that was made months before the game came out. So might see Bison show up this time, hopefully.

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Jul 20 11 4:22 PM

Although I'm interested in a lot of the new characters, I think I'm just gonna hold off until the inevitable sequel when the roster gets even more improved. I'm still largely unsatisfied with the overall roster.

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Jul 21 11 8:04 PM

From Comic-con we learned that


they are officially in Street Fighter x Tekken

-Natsu (new character....seems to replace Taki)
-Zwei (new character, sword user)

They were announced for Soulcalibur 5

and Freddy Krueger was announced as the 4th DLC character for Mortal Kombat 9

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Jul 21 11 8:07 PM

All I needed to see to sell me on this game. Now that her and Yoshimitsu are in I got my two on the wishlist lol. 

Also this was shown at the end of SFxT panel 

Nothing said yet but it looks like Ono was given the green light to start proposing something for Darkstalkers

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Jul 21 11 9:29 PM

It's great to see new Shinkiro art. I don't care what people say about his art looking like Clooney all the time. I love his stuff.

I really hope we'll see a new Darkstalkers game soon and that it's really good. I've been wanting a new game in that series for over a decade now!

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Jul 21 11 9:31 PM

Glad we finally got Poison plaayble in a game. I know the trailer is for SF vs TK but it made me want a Final Fight game lol.

Our prayers were finally awnsered for a Darkstalkers game. I honestly couldn't see it w/o Morrigan or Demitri but a serious design overhaul would be needed.

Freddy on MK was surprise to me ( I apparently missed the rumor on this).

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Jul 22 11 3:19 AM

Momoko Sakura wrote:

And Phoenix Wright? Whaaa?

Also, new box art:

This box art, in my opinion, looks better than the MvC3 art.

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Jul 22 11 7:52 AM

OHHHHH I totally misread bout the Darkstalkers entirely new game is definitely something I'm excited for.....but I hope they update the characters' sprites....but im guessing they will.

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Jul 23 11 6:06 AM

Nice to see Strider back in the game. The cover is definitely better this time. It is a great time to be a fighting game fan with all the game coming out. Been waiting forever for a new Darkstalkers game as well.

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Jul 24 11 10:55 AM

Theres two new clips of Tekken Blood Vengeance in English as well as a new trailer to Tekken Hybrid which now contains Tekken Blood Vengeance, Tekken Tag Tournament and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue. Harada says its not a demo...

I dunno how to embed youtube clips here. Theres two Ling vs. Alisa clips ones got _US at the end and I can't view it but its 8 seconds longer...

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Jul 24 11 12:30 PM

^ embeding clips here along with 95% of other basic html things are more hassle than they are worth on this site lol.

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