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Aug 2 12 10:57 PM

Finally some sort of footage of Michelle, unfortunately it's footage of her getting beat up.

Reversible covers

US gets Heihachi/ Jin and Nina/ Anna
Latin America gets Eddy/King and Christie/Jaycee

I cannot stand the Mishimas, and I think Nina is the most overrated female character in the game, so I'm not that impressed with the news.
It doesn't help that I'm a huge Julia fan (Jaycee), and that the only possible way to get a Jaycee cover is to get the Latin American edition.

Anyways, I'm still hyped. Cannot wait to try out Michelle.

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Aug 3 12 5:46 AM

I'm liking Kunimitsu's new design. I might try to learn her for this game. I'm also loving some of the backgrounds, like the fishermans' boat, the experimental lab room, and the restaurant with the waiters.

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Aug 5 12 12:17 PM

^ Cool preview. I was never a big Guilty Gear fan, so I haven't really checked out BlazBlue yet, but I might try this one. I think I'm craving a good, new 2-d fighting game. Also that trailer reminds me of how much I miss the Darkstalker series.

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Aug 8 12 8:55 PM

^Surprisingly it seems pretty under the radar in the States, from what I've been seeing.

I was following it but honestly had no idea the release date was like this week lol.

I've only been getting posts from friends asking me about it only cause I'm a 2D fighter fan and majority of causal players seem more caught up on the major 3D fighters we've gotten/will get this year.

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Aug 22 12 11:30 AM

sin9hyaku90 wrote:
Uhm.... Why didn't the Persona Arena game make it to the title here???????

I actually had it here for a while... D: LOL

But it was ages before release, I guess.

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Aug 22 12 6:52 PM

I'm loving the way Dead or Alive 5 is looking visually. I don't think I like the way it goes into slow motion though for those certain moves. It kind of disrupts the flow of the action imo. I hope counters are easier to do than in 4, where they were too hard for me to use.

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Sep 1 12 2:26 AM

FilthieRich goes over the DLC characters in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Michelle is the only relevant one, so I'm posting the Michelle and Forest Law video.

Michelle can ff+1, d,d/f 1, and CH 2,1,2 every other basic fighting game diva in the face.

Credits: GrayFoxPL from NeoGAF

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JPC Admin

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Sep 7 12 3:54 PM

Persona 4: Arena is okay for me. They make it really easy to do a combo, but for advance combos you can't mash the square button... unless you're playing Naoto
I can't really play 2D fighters but I enjoyed P4A.

I like Labrys, she's easy to play and can dish out a lot of damage.

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Sep 9 12 10:05 AM

Some shops started selling Tekken Tag 2 early. I want to play it so bad..!!

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