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So you want to make a thread in The Other Artists Forum? That's great, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you click the "post" button.

Who can be in this subforum?

Anyone and everyone can have a thread in OAF. This a general subforum. It doesn't matter if they do hip hop or acoustic folk. The only stipulation regards artists whose main audience is not Japanese. If they do not sing J-pop or if their predominant audience is not Japanese, they cannot have a thread here. The only exception is for artists who take a significant foothold in the Japanese industry. For example, if a Kpop artist debuts in Japan and becomes popular, they can have a thread in this forum as long as they also have significant Japanese activities (release original Japanese songs, appear in Japanese adverts, appear frequently in the media). This will be judged on a case by case basis and only if a review is requested. This review must be requested by the thread starter.

What should I do before I decide to create a topic?

You should first check to see if a thread for your desired artist doesn't already exist. You can use the search function or you can search through "The Artists Thread" sticky at the top of the subforum. Then you should consider your level of commitment to the thread. Thread followers expect the first post of a thread to be regularly updated at most and the thread title to reflect recent activities at the least. If you can't update the thread title regularly, then you should wait for someone else to create the thread. In the event that you can no longer maintain a first post, then you can request that someone take over the thread and it will be your responsibility to inform a moderator of the change so they can do what needs to be done.

What should your first post look like?

A typical first post is a summation of the artist, their profile / biography, their discography, and relevant links. A first post must be able to inform the user of who the artist is without going into great detail. Anything you write should be original, however, if you use someone else's biography for example, you should source it.

Can I use images?

Yes, you can. Most threads contain at least a banner that denotes that it is "the official thread" of that artist. Some threads also have little graphics for profiles titles and things of that nature. What you should avoid is posting images of all the covers for an artist's discography. Some artists have extensive discographies and putting every image for each release would clutter the first post. Keep in mind that any graphic you use such as a banner should be relatively small as to accommodate all popular resolution sizes. Please make sure the width of your image is no wider than 600px.

How should I tag my thread?

Your tags should relate to the artist in some way. A typical thread tag will include the artist's name, group members, and what kind of entity they are. If they're a girl group, include the girl group tag. If they're a boy band, include that. Solo female? Include that or even include the tag "Utahime" if are significantly popular. Use your judgement and don't just put any tag you can think of.

How should I format my posts?

Posts should be formatted in English. While it's nice to know and write the kanji of the name for the artist you like, not everyone can read Japanese. We want to make sure that everyone can find the posts of the artists they like. This will also prevent people from creating duplicate threads thinking one didn't already exist.

What do I do after I've made a thread?
After you've created a thread, please reply to The Artists Thread with the name of the artist and the url to your thread. Please read how to post in that thread before doing so. You don't want a crabby reply from an irritated moderator.

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