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Aug 19 14 10:52 AM

:/ I'm assuming she didn't write this song?

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Sep 9 14 10:17 AM

region locked of course

Best Album
01.sad to say  (1st single)
02.No More  (2nd single)
03.This Is Not A Game (3rd single)
04.Jealous  (4th single)
05.Dreamin’  (5th single)
06.ONE   (6th single)
07.ONLY YOU  (7th single)
08.Best Partner  (8th single)
09.High Flying  (9th single)
10.HERO   (10th single)
11.Countdown  (11th single)
12.Last Word  (JIN NAKAMURAプロデュース、松尾潔 共作詞曲:新録曲)
13.Happy Dayz  (大沢伸一×MINMIプロデュース:新録曲)
14.I Love It  (蔦谷好位置プロデュース:新録曲)
<MIX CD収録曲>

also, "Drive" a Miliyah Kato JASMINE collaboration will be on Miliyah Kato's 10th Anniversary female collab album, "MUSE" out 2014.10.29

^ Last Word

Gorgeous track, so in love. even the lyric video is beautiful.

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Sep 10 14 1:07 AM

Last Word is great which is expected due to Jin Nakamura being a producer. Kinda sad that the song is called Last Word, hope it's not really her last. I wonder what Happy Dayz gonna sound like since it's Oosawa Shinichi and MINMI prodeced *_*

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Sep 10 14 7:55 PM

Last Word is amazing, it's top 5 quality. It could do well if it was sung by Miliyah or so.

HAppy Dayz probably sound like Complexxx or Welcome to Jas Vegas material, since the EDM producers.

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Oct 21 14 4:19 PM

Both Drive and SPICY CHOCOLATE's Sore Demo Kimi ga Suki are very good. JASMINE is always delivering, great.

Now, just one more week to hear Happy Dayz.

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Oct 29 14 1:50 AM

Last Word is the best of the 3 new songs for me. Happy Dayz is nice, but something's missing, and I Love It is not my cup of tea.

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