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May 31 11 2:27 PM

I am so excited about this new release, coz ONE was kinda meeeh :/

The title is nice, if it's something like DREAMIN', i am gonna LOVE this new single (L)

PS : finally a 2nd page ^

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Jun 6 11 12:14 PM

YAY! Finally, a new single!! Can't wait to hear it...I wonder what color combination(s) she'll come up with.

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Jun 7 11 9:26 AM

This time they could try a different concept, since the old ones weren't working that well and ONE didn't do well in the digital charts.

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Jun 7 11 12:25 PM

No love for ONE? I LOVED that song and it might actually be my favourite song by her so far! I wouldn't mind something different though, if she needs it to attack the charts. Just please, PLEASE never resort to lifeless, generic midtempo R&B singing about aitakute like 99% of the female soloists in Japan : [

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Jun 8 11 7:23 PM

You know she loves the big J. No scandals coming along anytime soon. What she needs to do is get back to radio or to even get on tv.
She can be bigger than Sad to Say if she manages to do some more putting her face out there (surprisingly enough her face was nowhere and garnered her, her biggest hit of yet--funny how things work eh?)

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Jun 10 11 7:33 AM

Yeah, I'm not overly wowed by it, but I can immediately see it'll grow on me. It's her most Recochoku Chick-style song since No More, so hopefully it'll get some success.

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Jun 10 11 2:57 PM

I think that the new song sounds great!! Don't think that I'll like it as much as ONE, but pretty close (ONE is probably my third favourite single so far). It really reminds me of a mix of dear my friend and No More, which is really good, at least for me. I think that I might end up liking Only You more than No More, though, because this one sounds as though it won't get as tiring so quickly. (Doubt it will grow on me like dear my friend, though. That quickly rose to be one of my all-time favourites.) But really, I'm just so excited to see Addicted on the tracklist! Sounds like it could be another 'hot', club-like track, which she does so well (Koi and L.I.P.S ).

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Jun 10 11 4:34 PM

^ Sony's official artists pages usually get previews up pretty fast. They have one for the title track right now. Addiction might get one soon, too. Also, you can always try CDJapan (or maybe Yesasia or HMV?--don't use those, so not sure how much and how often they get clips) for previews, for future reference.

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Jun 10 11 6:53 PM

Well addiction was played during her mini-live events over the beginning of the year, maybe there's some kind of fan report on how the song is... it took her long enough to get the dang on song out there! Looking forward to the song as a whole.

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Jun 10 11 7:38 PM

I'm not surprised that it sounds like Sad to Say, since it's her biggest hit. Well, I hope they won't transform her in another Kana/Thelma/BENI that releases the same song over and over.

Edit: Here's the credits of this single according with her website:


Lyrics:JASMINE/Jeff Miyahara Music:JASMINE/Jeff Miyahara/Yuichi Hayashida

Since Addiction was produced by Jeff Miyahara I'm expecting something more upbeat like LIPS or This Is Not A Game.

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Jun 10 11 7:49 PM

For some reason ONLY YOU remainds me of both sad to say and No More but it's a bit better.I wonder how the pv and photoshoot is going to look.Did she shoot the pv yet?

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Jun 10 11 9:08 PM

I'm going to assume no dancing yet. So don't be surprised when you see flailing arms, walking and pan shot to her arms moving again and a few close ups xD

You know, I could really go for a collab w/ Emi Maria at some point. Sony is being so damn slow w/ her solo releases that I would hope that she'd at least collaborate with other artists to make sure her name stays out there. I really don't want her being forgotten :/

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Jun 11 11 9:27 PM

An Emi Maria and Jasmine colabo could happen since they are friends and what not. But that would be cool.

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