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Apr 16 11 8:52 PM

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JASMINE [ Official Website | Sony Music | Official Blog | Official Twitter ]



10th Single - "Countdown" out 2013/12/25

2010.07.21 - GOLD
2013.08.28 - Complexxx

2013.12.25 - Countdown
2013.07.31 - HERO
2013.05.29 - High Flying
2012.07.25 - BEST PARTNER
2011.07.27 - ONLY YOU
2011.02.02 - ONE
2010.05.12 - DREAMIN'
2010.04.07 - JEALOUS
2010.03.03 - THIS IS NOT A GAME
2009.10.28 - NO MORE
2009.06.24 - sad to say

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Apr 17 11 3:55 AM

I'm still listening to ONE all the time. It might even be my favourite single track, although This Is Not a Game and Jealous are still amazing as well.

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Apr 17 11 5:24 PM

I still listen to some songs from GOLD like TINAG and JEALOUS, they're great. Girl needs to announce a summer single, and this timean original B-side, at least.

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Apr 28 11 2:15 PM

Everybody is already announcing their summer single already, it's time for that.

I think a tune like ONE should do it better in the charts now, it has more of a summer vibe.

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May 21 11 10:06 AM

Her birthday was 2 days ago, happy belated b'day Jasmine lol

According with her staff blog, she was working in a new song recently, I hope it means that we're getting a new single soon.

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May 30 11 10:59 AM

finally finally FINALLY, a new single is listed for JASMINE,

"Only You" out 2011.07.27 (AICL-2270) ¥1,020 cheap, so guess we're only getting two songs again.

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May 30 11 4:26 PM

seriouscatface1 wrote:
I was wondering when she'd release something new, great news! ONE is one of her best Asides imo, hope it's that good too.

edit: which colour will she have now? : D

Maybe she'll stick to geometric patterns for this era, who knows xD

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May 31 11 6:52 AM

I just want a new picture because I'm tired of this snookie looking one... also, I miss her radio show. Actually listening to her speak is really funny, because she kinda sounds funny xD But she was fun to listen to urgh....

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