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Return Road Episode II

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Apr 17 11 10:03 PM


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Apr 17 11 10:09 PM

Gonna die from the amazing. FFFFFFFFFFUH

Luna62 wrote:
Blu-Ray inside pic + booklet from AMF

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Apr 17 11 10:37 PM

Awesome indeed!

But on an unrelated note, could someone tell me the title of the movie that Ayu (sort of) starred in when she was 16? It dealt with two boys who were in love. I can't remember...



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Apr 17 11 10:38 PM

That was Like Grains of Sand also known as Nagisa no Sin[d]bad.

Ayu was also in Sumomomomo and some other show as well. You can find the info here:

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Apr 17 11 10:48 PM

hopefully tomorrow people will start getting their copies from CDJ and someone will upload AT10 on JPS, I need it in my life. It's so hard to hold off, but I'm not going to watch the LQ Microphone performance

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Apr 17 11 11:07 PM

I'm really disappointed in the editing. I mean, 50% of the video were the robots, the camera switched to princess right in the middle of one ayu's awesome lines, and none of the camera switches were in time with the song. It felt really messy and frustrating, especially because what we saw of ayu looked amazingly awesome!

She really sang her heart out!



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Apr 17 11 11:14 PM

For My Dear... is a one-sided love song if anyone was wondering:

 15. For My Dear...
I may be singing this song
Because I can't say the words I want to say most

The best time are when we are trying
To grasp the happiness we have dreamed of
Because once we reach it
We are seized with fear of losing it in turn

But humans is not so simple
To accept it naturally

Everyone has wounds
So sometimes someone's tenderness
Touches my heart and causes it to ache much
Making me almost cry

Loneliness makes me feign strength
I don't want to be alone
I like to sleep with the relief
That I'm with you

I may go on singing
Hoping I can say the only words I want to say some day

I may love someone
Because I can't hear the words I want to hear most

(My existence.)

Or at least, it seems that way at this moment to me...

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Apr 18 11 12:04 AM

I gave in ;_;...

oh Ayu I'm so enthralled ;_;... I hope someone gets their DVD tomorrow and uploads this tour somewhere asap



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Apr 18 11 6:25 AM

Fantastic album. Ahead of its time.

That said, she has some great material AFTERWARD [post I am...] that tends to get overlooked in favor of LOVEppears/Duty/I am.... aka her holy trinity.

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Apr 18 11 6:57 AM

I'm not sure how I feel about MOON (Clokx remix) I'm starting to warm up to it.  It seems annoying with the slow vocals and vibrato with the sounds in the background.  I just wish that remix album had more new songs tranced.  :/ 



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Return Road Episode II

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Apr 18 11 9:55 AM

I think LOVEppears is one of her best album. Alone with A Song for XX & Duty. Those 3 albums really show her true emotion and best lyrics.

So still no orchestra album leak or AT10 leak?

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Apr 18 11 9:56 AM

LOVEppears had so many of her best tracks including monochrome, And then, End roll, kanariya etc. <3 Even though it's not my fave Ayu album it's one of the albums that had the best lyrics imo.



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Apr 18 11 10:42 AM

LOVEppears is my favorite album of ayu followed by Love songs.

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