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Dec 19 11 3:03 AM

ayukuuangel wrote:
She is very beautiful by nature but that's not what they want her to show to the public (even if she doesn't care shit and post very natural pics in her blog) smiley: laugh

It's from the new album's recordings.

Beautiful by nature? definitely.

I agree she has always been really cute in her team ayu + twitter etc pics.
Kanayan has gotten less fishy so maybe ayu will too soon, at least the FIVE photoshoot was pretty classy.
There is still hope (and if not I'll just keep checking team ayu mag and deji deji diary).

btw I don't mind her covers, I just wish she would cover some better songs than those crappy TRF songs. Like haru yo koi was pretty awesome.

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Dec 19 11 6:46 AM

I hope she releases a cover album, would be awesome! =D

Though, judging by PV-shootings, etc., I'd say it's rather unlikely.

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Dec 19 11 7:18 AM

So basically she's reusing the HOTEL Love songs theme for both her CDL & next year's tour ? Lol...
And no, a cover album would suck. Just like this tacky song. But anyway she said she wrote lyrics and Timmy apparently composed for her recently so it's probably gonna be an original album.

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Dec 19 11 7:41 AM

I could see a sequel pictured here, it could be a great concept!
I always thought she should have linked the countdown live with one of her tour and it's probably going to happen this year yay!

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Posts: 1,738 Team Ayu Kuuter

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Dec 19 11 8:51 AM

Happening Here is a song from trf's Happening Here/teens single

ayu must have loved it and bought it when she was 17.

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Dec 19 11 9:17 AM

Not feeling the original Happening Here. I wonder if Ayu plans to have her cover of it on her next album..

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Dec 19 11 3:36 PM

.... I agree with gracie. She needs to be stopped if she is doing a cover album. I wouldn't mind covers appearing as B-sides to singles, but a whole album?? And seriously, at least pick a good song to cover. I'm still waiting for Haru yo, Koi to show up on a CD somewhere!!

Hopefully, what happens on the tour stays on the tour.



Posts: 1,738 Team Ayu Kuuter

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Dec 19 11 6:40 PM

What she making is not a cover album we already know she and her team made new songs.

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