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Sep 2 16 4:29 AM

Can't wait for Ji-eun's comeback. Twenty five was amazinggggggggggggg and still is. <3

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Sep 15 16 1:56 AM

I will never be over it sobbing

Bright side, it's looking to be a nice marriage between her darker stuff and the more uptempo 25, so I'm down for it!

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Sep 19 16 7:46 PM

Come on Bobby, let's go Bobby

I like the sound. V naisu. It took me a while to remember that this wasn't Hyosung, but even so Jieun does it well. The video's alright; pretty, but kinda odd. Having the Joker as antag kinda makes it seem too jokey though? Like, they obviously did it due to Suicide Squad's big impact (even though it's not the same design), but like, were it a more mysterious deranged evil I would've appreciated it more I think. Overall, earworm achieved

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Mar 27 17 1:54 AM

So since no one's really mentioned it and I just heard about it a few mins ago, supposedly TS Ent confirmed that trio SECRET will be coming back in the second half of the year, after Sunhwa left to be an actress

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Mar 28 17 12:20 AM

(I don't blame you lolol)

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