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Jan 10 16 10:22 PM

According to music insider Hyosung is having a comeback sometime in the first half of the year and TS Ent. has stated that she is currently preparing a solo album but has not decided on a concept yet.

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Mar 2 16 2:16 AM

 Hyosung's next solo comeback is going to be at the end of the month and she has already picked a title song and is currently working on the other tracks for the album.  Can't wait loved her last mini.  Please let SECRET have a comeback soon.

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Mar 2 16 2:53 AM

sora2522 wrote:
When is the group coming back tho

Tbh I remember liking the last mini but I can't remember the not-title tracks at all...her first single is still my fave overall. I GUESS I'm excited though...

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Mar 10 16 9:03 PM

Schedule and 1st pic

This is rumored to be the year that their contract ends.  Hopefully we get some kind of comeback before they go.

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Mar 11 16 3:20 AM

Oh she looks absolutely gorgeous. I hope it's a good song. It's looking to be a ballad based on all the floral imagery?
I wonder if they'll renew or not. I mean, it could go either way for them...they haven't really done much lately (musically at least), and I'm not familiar with their sales either

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Mar 23 16 2:46 AM

...Is it just me, or does Follow Me literally just reuse I Hate The Night's melody?...

The previews sound great though. Surprised it's not a ballad title, and actually I like the sound of it. The video looks amazing too. Can't wait!

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Mar 24 16 3:11 AM

Usually I don't really rely on previews to judge songs but in this case forget about it.   This mini sounds so good don't need to hear the full songs to help me make my decision so going to get this.smiley: happy

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Mar 28 16 3:30 AM

Oooh quite like the video and song. Glad to see Hyosung doesn't fail to deliver NOWWHEREISTHERESTOFSECRET
Now to clear off my computer's free space to download the rest of the mini cuz I literally have no more space...

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Mar 28 16 10:30 PM

Sooooooo apparently I bought this girls debut single TWO YEARS AGO! It feels like it was yesterday! Good-night kiss was such a great bop I jammed to it all summer! The other two songs were amazing too! I don't know how I missed her debut mini! Was FANTASIA any good?? This new mini seems amazing!! I will definitely be getting it I'm just wondering if I should order FANTASIA too

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Posts: 2,657 Mohtorboat

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Mar 28 16 11:55 PM

FANTASIA was just okay, imo. Into You was a decent enough song, but the only other one that caught my attention was Taxi Driver.

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Apr 4 16 3:20 AM

Finally had a chance to listen to the mini. It's decent, but not really outstanding to me tbh. Follow Me and Find Me are my fave songs for sure, although Follow Me DEFINITELY is I Hate The Night's twin cousin omg. Busted is the only one I kind of have issues with; the instrumental for it sounds really good but the melody in the chorus kind of hits me weird tbh...
Find Me is actually my least fave of her title tracks thus far though. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love it, but I feel like her voice isn't entirely suited for it. Especially in the last chorus with the ad libs, I felt like it should've been more diva-belty (a la Ailee maybe?), and her voice is a lot softer, which lends itself to a more sultry sexy feel like in Into You and Good-night Kiss. Plus, D.Action's verse is absolutely boring, like really just bland. I would've rathered they had a small instrumental break cuz I LOVE the instrumentation tbh. But ah well, minor things really

In brighter news, the choreography goes OFF in Find me omg

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Sep 1 16 5:41 PM


But why another solo

This is looking to be more along the lines of her first releases, so I can't wait to see what comes from it

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