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Dec 9 13 5:40 PM

Oh God, another retarded song. Hana looks awful btw, she was so pretty.

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Apr 16 14 1:18 PM

Hyosung is getting a solo album. It could be good depending on the concept.
Although I don't think it's fair that she gets to debut with an album(mini) and Jieun
got singles so far.

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May 3 14 2:53 PM

So all the shows have been canceled for the month of May. I have no idea whether
this will effect her comeback now or any comeback.

But music shows are coming back.

Last Edited By: Jaxxia May 3 14 5:52 PM. Edited 1 time.

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May 5 14 8:28 PM

Duble Sidekick is doing the single. Here's the tracklisting.

1. 여자를 몰라 {You Don’t Know Women} (Feat.제이켠 {J’Kyun})
2. Good-night Kiss
3. 밤이 싫어요 {I Hate The Night}

Goodnight Kiss is the title track. It's a dance song with trap influence.
I'm looking forward to this already. You can read the full press release down below
for their full description of the song.

Regular Edition includes random photocard (4 possible photocards)
Limited Edition includes mini poster, photobook, DVD with jacket & M/V making

Album Description/Press Release

source: Secret4 forum

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May 8 14 10:25 AM

This actually looks really awesome so far, I'm excited! I don't usually like what SECRET puts out so I'm hoping this is different

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May 12 14 2:02 AM

I had no idea she would be able to preform that strongly by herself. I think I'll end up loving the song.

The other two songs on the single

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May 12 14 2:25 AM

I wasn't expecting the song to be so upbeat-sounding. I was hoping for a sexier sounding slight R&B vibe? Iunno. It's not bad at all, and like Jaxxia said, she does really well by herself.

The video diiiid seem a bit rehashed too, though I couldn't really place exactly what it reminded me did look quite nice though

Listening to the rest of the single now~

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May 16 14 4:35 AM

That is possibly the most elaborately filmed dance practice I've ever seen. But it was very nicely executed. I wish the trap parts had more elaborate choreo; what was shown just seems really boring =\ otherwise very good job

She does really well live too. Looking at this MelOn live of Good-night Kiss, I realize that she reminded me a lot of HyunA and CL mixed together, in visual style at least. Seeing I Hate Night Time live too was amazing. Such high energy ughh

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Jul 9 14 3:28 AM

Yaaaaaaaay. I wonder what the concept will be like. Hopefully one leaning towards sexy, considering their last group effort was I Do I Do

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