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Apr 15 11 5:00 PM

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Welcome to the Secret Thread!
(left to right: SunHwa (Maknae), Ji Eun (Main Vocal), Zinger (Rapper), HyoSung (Leader))




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Apr 15 11 6:23 PM

I love Shy Boy and so do my friends lol. So catchy :D

Was well happy that it got some awards, Ji Eun's solo title song however wasn't as appealing to me :(

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May 8 11 7:01 PM

I absolutely adore Ji Eun's solo song. I first heard it through MoA's English cover and now I love both that and the originally equally. Such a pretty song <3

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May 19 11 4:46 PM

Secret Comeback in June!

Girl Group Secret Comeback in June in Top Secret Preparation "Claiming #1 Girl Group!"

Girl group Secret is coming back in June.

At the beginning of this year, their "Shy Boy" was a hit, making them a representative girl group in Korea. With a goal of coming back in June, Secret is in the middle of top secret album preparation.

One source hinted, "Secret is currently preparing their new album. They are almost finished with preparation and they are currently focusing on finishing up."

The 4-member group Secret skillfully had hits last year with "Magic" and "Madonna" and rose as pop hitmakers. At the beginning of this year, they made "Shy Boy" a huge hit, making a fresh, cute style trendy when the market was full of girl-groups focused on a sexy style.

Secret's lead vocal Song Jieun released a solo song "Going Crazy" after, conquering the charts.

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May 22 11 10:34 PM

SECRET to make a comeback next month with a ‘Korean retro’ concept

On May 23rd, representatives of TS Entertainment revealed that the ladies of SECRET will be making their comeback on June 1st with a ‘Korean retro’ concept.

They’ve described the flavor of their new music to be a mixture of folk and country. In keeping with their tradition of introducing new image changes with each new album, the representatives assured that the girls will be undergoing yet another dramatic transformation.

Representatives hinted, “You can think of a feel that’s similar to the movie, ‘Sunny.’” For those unfamiliar with the movie, the box office hit is about seven high school friends who meet up once more and relieve some of their best memories.

allkpop was on the set of SECRET’s comeback MV filming, and although we can’t reveal much about their upcoming track right now, we can say if you liked “Shy Boy“, then you’ll love their new track.

Stay tuned for the release of SECRET’s MV teaser, only on allkpop

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May 22 11 11:07 PM

not surprising they'd do something similar to "Shy Boy" since that was so huge. the folk/country description is intriguing! can't wait.

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May 26 11 3:08 PM

Yeah  it sounds really bad...

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May 30 11 3:01 PM

In the video, not only will you be able to see their adorable charms, you’ll also be able to hear in the background, an exclusive, never-before-heard, sneak peek of “Starlight, Moonlight”, so enjoy!

I couldn't get a good listen to the song because they were really loud. So the video is premiering on allkpop.

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May 31 11 10:11 PM

Thanks for doing that. I like this single. The songs aren't as catchy as Magic or Madonna, but they're very sweet sounding.

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