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#1261 post_url

Oct 15 13 3:06 PM

The song is alright, but the cover is a disaster. Even I can do better with photoshop.

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#1263 post_url

Oct 15 13 3:27 PM

Love the new song, it's lots of fun!
I kind of see it as a teaser of things to come since it's only 2 minutes.

The cover is badly designed, but honestly american music is full of terrible graphic design so I don't think it matters too much.
At least not at this point.

I'm alot more excited to see what the US debut is about :]

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#1264 post_url

Oct 15 13 3:48 PM

The song is nice, the beat really suits the US, but I guess the Japanese lyrics won't work for her.

The cover is terrible, the website looks like a fanpage from 10 years ago, awful.

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#1265 post_url

Oct 15 13 4:05 PM

That cover is SO GOOD. I LOVE IT. The song is so unexpected and AMAZING! It's sassy, sounds hot, and feels authentic. She's not emulating any of the 'it' US pop females, she's not chasing hits, she's just putting out what she wants it seems. YAS!

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JPC Admin

Posts: 2,927

#1266 post_url

Oct 15 13 5:46 PM

Is she serious with that image? If I were trying to launch a legitimate music career in the US as an Asian artist that is not the first image of me that I'd want people to see. Whatever her and her people were trying to accomplish she looks dumb as hell. She has fucking sushi by her feet. It's like someone watched TMZ's ignorant spot on Namie and decided that's what she should go for.

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Posts: 2,627 Mohtorboat

#1267 post_url

Oct 15 13 5:54 PM

The Japanese parts in the song seem unnecessary, especially considering this is for a US debut. The song itself really isn't anything special, imo. And don't get me started on that cover.

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#1268 post_url

Oct 15 13 6:36 PM

The sushis...c'mon didn't ...I think someone here said she should make her Japanese-ness an asset in her US debut so here it is for ya lol
It's all about being distinctive to make it. Rihanna got the uncommon voice, Lady Gaga looks like a mess and Beyoncé is a good performer. I understand that CK could play with the Japanese thing to bring attention to herself but what kind of attention does she want, and Nate said it best. Wiil she have to re-invent herself completely to make it? And if so, will she have the budget to do so?

I like the song Fresh and fun. She should just debut in Europe instead. I don't mind the Japanese lyrics, the girl from No Doubt did a Harajuku theme for a song and it was successful enough I think. Now with all the fetishization of Asians, especially Asian women these, might not be a great idea.

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#1270 post_url

Oct 15 13 7:07 PM

WOW! The song is so damn cool! Specially when japanese traditional sounds are mixed with urban ones! <3

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#1273 post_url

Oct 15 13 8:23 PM

This is not what I expected but actually I like that. The song is not really my taste but I could def see this as a club banger. I have to hear the whole thing, the bridge might be hellified. I don't think the Japanese lyrics are an issue though, with a song like this it's about the beat. The site is ok. I don't think it's bad but it could be better. It's interesting in that the other snippets of music she's released have been totally different, more traditional pop sounding.

Anyway I'm ready for more Yay

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#1274 post_url

Oct 15 13 8:52 PM

at first I thought she was doing a cover of this song xDDD

the single cover looks really cheap, the big problem is the ugly font they used....but well that kind of collages are trend lol

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#1276 post_url

Oct 15 13 9:25 PM

I've listened it like 10 times. The song is like a mix between Beyoncé and Rihanna. With a big budget and a good marketing team she can make it. Travis McCoy is helping her via twitter, it's gonna help her.

It could be funny to see her doing big in the US while Koreans spent millions and went nowhere lol

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#1279 post_url

Oct 16 13 8:12 PM

another truth wrote:
I don't know what you all are complaining about, the creepy mole is covered, so, good cover smiley: roll

love the song.

ROFL lawwwwwd. The song is a hot mess. The cover is a hot mess. BUT I actually do like the song oddly enough.... maybe she'll retry the whole urban thang... who knows.
I'm surprised she would spend allll of that time in NY and give us that... but hey w/e no hate here. 
I'll be looking forward to the dance portion of the video since it seems she's getting into her groove nowadays.

Ready to see what's next. Pretty excited!

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#1280 post_url

Oct 16 13 8:12 PM

the Queen is coming to SLay, and you all will DEAL.

Also, long time no see bitches!!


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