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Jul 7 13 11:39 AM

A cover album? Meh...
As much as I like her idea of posting videos of her singing, a cover album wasn't what I expected for an English album. Now I admit that considering her very low sales and her recent contract with a label company, they wouldn't have taken such a risk so soon (for the Japanese market I mean, it didn't even cross my mind that they would promote her in the US lol). But then, are English cover albums (from Japanese singers) usually recorded abroad instead of Japan? She's been in the US for a little while now...hopefully, she'll release some new songs with some covers, like she did for Natural. I also think she previously talked about recording new stuff so I don't lose hope

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Sep 3 13 12:39 PM

Wait, she didn't post it on her facebooK? I don't care for Instagram lol

I hope she releases English songs with a coherent banging mini album and promote it via a nice feat with an international artist. This album should also have the Japanese versions of the English lyrics.

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Sep 18 13 10:38 PM

she has been there recording for a while, i remember some months ago she posted a LQ snipet of a new song by her in a car lol

two days ago she posted this video. caption: "crazy video shoot trailer" but i don't know for what

and today "After a 15 hr shoot monday, I went to the Apollo for the first time! "

I really can't wait. im glad she's doing something

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Oct 7 13 2:55 PM

No one will see this as this thread is abandoned but who knows:

CK is going to release a music video in the US. Yeah...Universal music said it:

J-WAVE’s brand new web site, “J-CROWD MUSIC” has launched Crystal Kay’s “US Street Promotion Video production project”
The project supports Crystal Kay’s challenge to her dream come true debut in USA. You are the casting board to the success story!
Check out the project at

Also, check out J-WAVE’s radio show for the project on Friday show
For more, check out

And here's the English google translation version of that link:
(that's not the link I wanted, you have to click on a link again there)

It will be a funding thing, not a bad idea but not ideal, for sure. Hopefully they'll make it so the American fans will be happy!

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Oct 7 13 4:08 PM

Oooh, I don't care which country it's released, just gimme some new Kuri!

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Oct 8 13 3:31 AM

I really would love to see her debut in the US but not sure how I feel about this J-Crowd project seeks the public's support to make this debut possible.

I looked at the site and as of right now, girl needs more support! Only 39 people have 'supported' with 240,000 'seed' and there's only 53 days left to raise a total of 5,000,000 'seed'.

10000 seed =¥10000

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Oct 8 13 4:39 PM

This is so strange. So she's basically getting funding from Japanese fans for her worldwide debut? That just seems odd. They'd probably do better with an actual Kickstarter.

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Oct 15 13 3:06 PM

Damn, that's a hot song. I think this US thing has a lot of potential.

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