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Aug 28 11 11:03 PM

Wow. Dead. Is she taking a looooooong hiatus or something? I'm having Crystal Kay withdrawals. lmao. I keep listening to her best album and her older singles.

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Aug 28 11 11:39 PM

I know... she really needs to release something soon! I've read on her Twitter that she's been to some meetings over the past few months but no news on any music releases. The most recent music-related thing she's done is perform 今夜はNo.1 at MTV ZUSHI FES on August 27th.

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Aug 29 11 9:35 PM

Sony is managing her so baldy, I wish she could move for another label that could giver her exposure and freedom to do what she wants, like EMI or Universal.

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Sep 3 11 9:35 PM

Interview that she did for The Japan Times some weeks ago.

Crystal Kay aims for spring break vibe in Zushi
Special to The Japan Times

Crystal Kay has been an exciting singer to watch mature in the music industry. Since her debut at 13 years old, this Yokohama native has wowed fans with her powerful vocals and a compelling personal story of being a mixed-race singer (Korean-American) in Japan.

News photo
Crystal Kay

It's often difficult to pin a genre on Kay, sometimes she's on the bill as an R&B singer and sometimes she reps J-pop. On Aug. 14, fans will get the chance to see her perform at the MTV Zushi Fes 11 (Aug. 12-14), which will also feature acts such as 2PM, Do As Infinity and Kay's fellow Sophia University graduate, Beni. The Japan Times got the inside scoop on Kay's upcoming performance as well as her own memories of going to Japanese summer festivals as she was growing up.

Summer in Japan means music festivals, did you go to many when you were growing up?

More concerts than music festivals since my parents took me to so many different shows. We'd go to Japanese Bon festivals and I love them. I love the atmosphere, music, all the shops and wearing yukata (summer kimono).

What is one of your favorite festival memories?

My favorite was one with a mizuame (candied fruit) stand and there was this old lady working at the stand every single year. I'd play janken (paper, rock, scissors) against her and if I won she'd give me another mizuame. I was so happy when I beat her!

You'll be at the MTV Zushi Fes on Aug. 14. What's in store for the audience?

The last time I performed was in 2009. Back then, I had a band and two dancers. This year, I'm going to make it a little more relaxed and acoustic, a feel-good-by-the-beach kind of atmosphere ... but not all the songs will be mellow. I think I want to dance a bit, too. Hopefully, the crowd will dance with me!

The festival has quite a few big names performing this year. Is there anyone in particular you're looking forward to seeing perform?

I'm looking forward to seeing After School since I've never seen a K-pop girl group perform live — only on TV. I'd also like to see J Soul Brothers. Something about having a lot of people in a group and dancing just makes everything exciting.

MTV Zushi Fes reminds me a lot of the annual spring break parties in the United States, which have audiences cheering on bands from a pool. Have you ever taken part in spring break?

Unfortunately I haven't! I always wished I was one of those girls jumping around and screaming in the crowd.

I know that you're originally from a beach area, is it good to have the "home court" advantage for a show?

It's nice because I feel more at home, but I think the biggest difference is that it's probably the most laid-back summer atmosphere you can get compared to shows in Tokyo. In Tokyo, everyone's wearing clothes! It may seem "home court," but there are people from all over that enjoy this event so overall it's just so much great energy.

You were recently in Osaka for Soul Fest, next you'll be in Zushi as a J-pop artist, how do you define your genre and style of music?

I've always struggled to categorize myself in a specific genre because I listen to anything that just sounds good, which can be from Frederic Chopin to Miley Cyrus to Bjork to Earth, Wind & Fire. I have my own style — groovy, sometimes funky, a mix of R&B and pop ... feel-good, head-bopping tunes.

Crystal Kay will play the Palm Tree Stage at the MTV Zushi Fes 11 in Zushi, Kanagawa Prefecture, on Aug. 14 (4:30 p.m.; ticket prices vary). For more information, visit

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Sep 3 11 10:08 PM

I admit I'm pretty excited now that she's tweeted about writing lyrics the other day. I hope that means we'll be getting something in the near future, or at least before the end of the year.

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Sep 13 11 1:53 AM

I actually just came across a couple of interesting comments on YouTube.

Crystal Kay is no longer working with SMJ... Dunno if that's public info though.

@sergel02 US Japan was looking for composers to work on her debut album with them. Something more like "Boyfriend" My husband was working on it. But in this industry, that doesn't mean the deal is sealed. Many times things fall through last second and don't get published. We'll see in the near future what her managers choose.

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Sep 13 11 6:21 AM

I knew something sounded a bit weird about her having a Youtube channel and still being with Sony, they don't seem to be one of the Japanese labels that bothers with streaming for their artists. And I can't say I'm surprised at all if she's left as Sony seems to have stopped caring about promoting her.

She's been tweeting more and more about working on something, yesterday she brought up she was rehearsing for something so hopefully we'll get an announcement soon.

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Sep 13 11 8:11 PM

I'm not surprised if she really left Sony, but maybe her website is still up because she has a last release yet to be released by them, like a best album or an EP.

I hope she's signed now with a label that manages her decently and don't fuck up even more with her career, like avex does when they signs idols from other labels.

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Sep 13 11 11:08 PM

I read some stuff on youtube a couple of weeks ago saying she left sony, but it wasnt made public yet. But I just assumed it was just rumors and gossip.

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Oct 4 11 5:40 PM

AHHH!!! FINALLY! I can't wait. It's deserved to be a bit over excited. Almost a year and nothing new. If she got dropped, I hope she is now with a WAY better label then Sony Music Japan.

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Oct 4 11 11:05 PM

If she really went to UMJ then it's Thelma part 2 lol.... DNW she's too much of a talent to be wasted

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