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Apr 30 11 2:52 AM

Kuri does a Q & A with her fans
R&B singer Crystal Kay answered her fans’ questions on her official blog, helping them to get to know their favorite singer a bit more.

“Okay, from here on out it’s question answer time!!! I’ll be answering them little by little ” she blogged, along with a few of her fans’ questions.

Check out her answers below!


Q. Do you have a darling??
A. Noooooope (lol).

Q. What kind of mascara do you use?
A. Lately I’ve been using a lighting mascara called “Angel Ring” (it comes with a light!!), so when I use Lancome’s “Hypnose Dama WP” it brings out the volume a little. Every once in a while I use Maybeline’s “Great Lash” after

Q. I’ve liked you ever since your debut ♪ Even now, I listen to your first (single) in the car! What I want to ask is… can you speak Korean? Are you thinking about a Korean debut?
A. Thanks! I can speak just a teeny bit of Korean (lol). My reading and writing are perfect, but learning vocabulary is sooo hard! It’s no good that I don’t do listening or speaking. I’ll think about a Korean debut! I’d like to be able to sing in Korean

Q. About how many hours of sleep do you get every day? ☆ And what is your favorite character? (^ω^)
A. My favorite character is Ariel from “The Little Mermaid“!! I’ve loved her ever since I was a kid. And, about going to bed everyday… I sleep about seven hours???

Q. What app do you always use to upload pictures on your blog? And, I wanna know about the countries you’ve visited so far (^_^)
A. I use a bunch of different apps, but lately I’ve been using one called “Little Photo” a lot It’s fun making different arrangements!! And the countries I’ve been to are America, Spain, France, Greece, London, the Philippines, Korea, and Australia!

Q. Please tell us what your favorite album or artist has been lately.
A. Recently, the song that keeps coming up is Alexis Jordan’s song “Happiness“! It’s a song that’s perfectly perfectly suited for days when the weather’s nice and for drives ☆ As for albums, it’s Kanye’s “My dark beautiful twisted fantasy“.

Q. When your heart’s been broken, what song gets you through it?
A. Alice Keys' song “Lesson Learned” is super good!!

Q. (1) When you get tickled, are you the kind of person that rolls around laughing? Or are you the kind of person that patiently endures it and doesn’t laugh even when you’re tickled? (2) In order, where are you most ticklish out of these: the sole of your foot, your stomach, or under your armpits?
A. I’m the kind of person who squirms around laughing!!! 1) Under my armpits 2) the sole of my foot 3) my stomach

Tokyo Hive

Crystal's blog

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Apr 30 11 6:47 PM

lol that's what I thought when I read it.

It should be interesting if she collaborated with a K-pop artist at this point (not BoA).

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May 3 11 11:46 AM

I'm happy to hear something new from Kuri...I've been listening to most of her older stuff lately.

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May 11 11 11:46 PM

Crystal posted this event on her blog.


Special Guest:Crystal Kay



Event link.

smiley: happy

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May 27 11 2:33 PM

I would love to hear new stuff from her. She's my all time favorite singers along with Lecca, and Utada Hikaru. It would be cool if came out to the states.

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May 30 11 1:09 AM

So anyway Crystal updated her blog and she'll be performing at some upcoming events. The first one looks like a benefit concert.
But what's interesting is that she and Beni will be performing at The MTV ZUSHI FES 11 on the same day, maybe they'll do a song together. I'm glad to see she's getting back out there and singing live.

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Jun 5 11 2:26 PM

LOVE in Action Meeting
(LIVE)ライブビューイング in


There's also an ad for another MTV event (which she'll be doing with other acts such as BENI and JAMOSA)

And a last for a JAZZ fest in YOKOHAMA.
Love in Action Meeting Live Viewing (6/14/2011)
Performance decided at the Japan-Made Paper Clinic Stadium Miyazaki.

10,000 persons free invite!

I'm glad she's doing stuff. I also just listened to some of Spin the Music...
I actually kind of think a PV for Konya No. 1 should have been made. I like that she tried out different things, but she should also come back with some strong pop-r&b songs.

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Jun 6 11 12:16 AM

Kirlia wrote:
Just want to say that I still Jam to FLASH and Victoria <3 two masterpieces!
Effin' LOVE those songs! Kuri should definitely release more songs like them.

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Jun 11 11 12:37 AM

on her twitter she had an "ask me anything" moment with her fans and one of them asked when something new would come out. She replied back that she was in meetings about that and that info about new releases and things would be released in the soon. Idk how soon...soon is. so... I hope its really soon.

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