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uncle Jemima

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パン・ダ marinopp

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Jun 16 12 3:59 PM

i miss her RED NAKED music, but this is interesting what she's doing too. Endless rhythm is so 2005 Jazztronik (although he did it better).

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Jul 14 12 8:09 PM

Whoa, whoa. Not quite irrelevant yet.

New mini-album Made in Summer to be released 07/20.


01. 真夏のサウダージ
lyrics: coma-chi music: coma-chi, root soul

02. ニライカナイへ還る旅 feat.椎名純平
lyrics: coma-chi, 椎名純平 music: 45 a.k.a.SWING-O

03. さざ波の向こう (HOME G Remix)
lyric: coma-chi music: coma-chi, home grown

04. FREE
lyrics & music: coma-chi

05. あかたすんどぅんち
(an Okinawan folk song)

The majority of it can be sampled in this mix:

I do hope she hasn't completely switched styles for good, but this has the perfect summer sound.

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Aug 16 12 1:04 PM

^ Did you end up liking it? I don't really care too much for the folk song, but everything else is top notch. Been listening to the whole thing often. Just a few more weeks and then it probably won't be getting any more play until next summer though, lol. Hopefully, she puts something else out soon to fill in the gap.

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Nov 10 12 10:11 AM

new album, "GOLDEN SOURCE" 12.12

1. Flower of the sun
2. Return of the bad girl
4. Deeper
5. mama used to say
7. Summer rain
8. awareness
9. say NO! (LRstereo REMIX)
10. Flower of the sun (Lawpass remix pt.2)
11. ミチバタ (ライブテイク) (ボーナストラック)

digital single, "Flower of the sun" 11.7 cover

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Dec 2 12 7:46 PM


That's a dope cover... I like the Egyptian styled motif and whatnot... Helps that she's very easy on the eyes too. Ha!

Thanks for posting.


It's very interesting how dramatic her musical style has shifted from that of an underground emcee to a pop singer to what seems to be a more spiritual part of her personality... Gotta respect a person for trying to find some kind of inner peace in the chaotic times we're living in - especially after that triple disaster they had in Japan.

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Dec 9 12 11:57 PM

Say NO! is awesome. The version on the album is this remix:

It's got a completely different feel from the original, but I dig it for sure.

But yeah. Very rare for an artist to flip directions like this after heading towards a more mainstream path. I was checking out the previews on iTunes tonight. It's definitely still a hip-hop album, but with a lot of live instrumentation. All of this soul/funk/jazz/afrobeat stuff she's been experimenting with lately. Sounds great.

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uncle Jemima

Posts: 4,000

パン・ダ marinopp

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Dec 11 12 11:19 AM

oh yeah this sounds way different from the original. still cool though.

i'm not so sad about her departure from her old style after listening to MoNa a.k.a. Sad Girl's new single. it sounds like it would fit right on RED NAKED. maybe she can take CMC's place!

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Dec 12 12 3:45 AM

Listened to the previews earlier today... All the songs sound pretty good!! Gotta get some cards and re-up my iTunes Japan account!

Thanks for the info.

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Dec 15 12 2:25 PM

On a side note, would it be fair to say that her and KREVA are like the male and female counterparts of each other?
Dang just looking at older videos of her and seeing her find herself is interesting. It's not quite "urban" as we would have said and she's now recuperating from "pop" but its not quite that either. Loving the funkiness/groovy sound she has incorporated with her recent stuff. Flower of the Sun was trippy as hell tho. I need to get on what homegirl is on hahahahaha

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Dec 17 12 6:22 PM

^ I would say that too, funny how she used to be on Knife Edge with him.

The new album is pretty funky, and I kind of like it Some of the tracks are kinda long....hope it grows on me because RED NAKED is her best imo. How does everyone else like it??

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