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Apr 22 11 12:55 AM

If this is legit then I can't wait to see Microsoft and Sony make a functional model

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Apr 22 11 6:42 PM

"We focus not only on HD and the next system will feature something totally different than usual." Miyamoto

Details about the next console is supposedly to come out next Tuesday when Nintendo holds their shareholders meeting.

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Apr 24 11 1:25 AM

Anybody can make a mock-up in Photoshop, fullscreen it on a monitor and take a photograph of said monitor. There aren't any real indicators that demonstrate hoax or otherwise. I highly doubt the veracity of that image.

On another note, even if it's fake, the mention of portability from PC and Xbox 360 has some logic behind it - easier porting would make for cheaper development costs compared to developing for the PS3 platform.

If the rumours are true (regarding the power of the system and Nintendo's aim for the product), I wonder if the company will be able to sway and win back the gamers they alienated with the Wii.

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Apr 25 11 2:24 PM

As much as I want a new console, I hope the Wii goes out with a bang in its last year. I'm starving for games here.

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Apr 26 11 7:21 AM

whaaaaaat. ninetendo is coming out with a WHOLE new fucking system? ugh..I knew I shouldn't have bought a damn wii. All I have on there is Okami and Bikini zombie killers. oh and the wii fit what a fucking waste seriously

maybe they should of created a whole new character for the wii, and had her fight with swords and guns. Like red steel but waaay more fun and longer

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Apr 26 11 2:04 PM

BANZAI wrote:
Well, the new Legend of Zelda is supposed to be released this year.

That's about it.

There are a couple more...  Rhythm Heaven Wii and The Last Story, though whether or not they'll come to wherever you live is very much in question.

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May 24 11 12:17 AM

I will be so glad if the new nintendo console supports HD 1080. I hate Netflix being shitty quality with my Wii.

I'm sure Sony and Microsoft will attempt to copy Nintendo once again with the controller features. Xbox did it slightly different with the Kinect but still, I am sure their idea came from Nintendo.

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May 29 11 5:04 PM

I'm super excited for this. \o/ I still don't have a 3DS because I'm so poor but I am def giving them all of my money for that and this new console as soon as I get some. I really can't even imagine what they'll do next. It's like trying to predict the iPod back when I was still using CD Players, haha.

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Jun 7 11 8:44 PM

i like it but maybe that controller is too big, doesn't seems confortable /:
i need to try it and see real wii u games.

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Jun 8 11 1:11 PM

Innovation, just as expected from Big N!

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Jun 8 11 9:10 PM

The controller was said to be very comfortable actually. Also, it is very light so it is easy to carry around when playing. I like the idea of being able to continue gameplay when the tv is off and the facetime benefit.

So not much more games planned for the Wii since they will be moving forward with the Wii U. The Kirby game looks cool.

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