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Feb 22 16 8:15 AM

Reposting for the new page:

LOVE "Drip Drop"!! I need the rest of the album right now. The highlight medley is promising.

Album packaging:

• 4 versions (only difference is the cover/color)
• Photobook (same for each version)
• 2 posters (570x920mm, randomly given)
• 4 random cards (55x85mm, randomly given)

01. Drip Drop
02. Press Your Number
03. Soldier
04. 벌써 (Already)
05. Guess Who
06. One By One
07. Mystery Lover
08. Sexuality
09. 오늘까지만 (Until Today)
10. 최면 (Hypnosis)

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Feb 22 16 8:30 PM

His dancing is on point.

I was expecting more from the title track after that over hyped collaboration. Sexuality, Drip Drop, Guess Who, One by One, Soldier are just as good as Press My Number...Consistent album anyway.

Making Film

Bruno's version:

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Mar 24 16 5:07 PM

Been listening to the album for a few weeks, I really like "Press Your Number", "Drip Drop", "Soldier", "Guess Who" and "One By One" (loove the guitar riff). Overall it's pretty consistent.

So today was their first Tokyo concert day for their SHINee WORLD 2016 tour, and they performed a new song which was just announced to be their 13th Japanese single! You can hear a low quality recording of it on YouTube (song starts at 3:40).

New Single "Kimi no Sei de" (Because of You)
2016/05/18 Release

◆ Limited Edition
1,944yen / UPCH-89263
CD + DVD + 24-page Photobooklet

01. Kimi no Sei de (君のせいで)
02. Nothing To Lose

01. Kimi no Sei de Music Video

◆ Regular Edition
1,296yen / UPCH-80431
CD + 12-page Photobooklet + Trading card (1 of 5)

01. Kimi no Sei de
02. Nothing To Lose
03. Kimi no Sei de (Instrumental)
04. Nothing To Lose (Instrumental)

◆ FC Limited Editions
1,000yen / PDCN-5006~10
CD Only (5 types, one for each member)
Cardboard sleeve + picture label (members solo pictures)

01. Kimi no Sei de
02. Nothing To Lose

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Apr 25 16 12:52 AM

SHINee is having a fanmeet in Chicago on May 6th. Some tickets start at $55. A lot of the front seats are taken.
I'm still debating if I should go. It's maybe 2 to 3 hours away from me, but I feel like I'm too old to be going.

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Apr 30 16 2:45 PM

^ They're coming to France in June as well (at KCON), I'm so sad because I won't be able to see them. The tickets are soooo expensive, and I'm pretty far from Paris so yeah... Really disappointed. smiley: frown Especially since f(x) will be there too. It was so close to my birthday tho... brb crying

Anyway, they've released the SHINee WORLD IV concert album. It was recorded at Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul on May 15-17, 2015. The album comes with a lyric booklet, a poster, a photo card and a 172-page photobook featuring interviews, behind stories etc. It also features the studio versions of "Your Number", "Picasso" and "Lucky Star" in Korean! The Korean version of "Picasso" actually sounds pretty good imo. You can find the tracklist and shop links on the first page of the thread!

Also, here's the short version of the music video for "Kimi no Sei de"!

Tbh those scenes with the couple were pretty unnecessary haha. I guess they didn't want it to look like a random tour video but I just wanted to see them dancing smiley: laugh Maybe there's more to it in the full version.

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May 4 16 6:11 AM

In case you didn't know, Universal created some kind of parody group called "SHINyan", and it's composed of... cats smiley: laugh


It's composed of 5 cats supposedly named ONEWNyan, JONGNyan, TAEMINyan, MINONyan and KEYNyan. They even have an official website with blog posts. You can find detailed member bios here.

SHINyan was created to greet fans that the original SHINee cannot meet with, due to their hectic schedules. The rookie group is the first cat idol group ever to debut, with a song titled "Because of You for Cat", which is the cat version of SHINee's upcoming new release "Because of You".

Leader Onewyan shared his passion as he said, "We are practicing everyday to show perfect and furry moves. We want more people to know SHINee, and also want to become famous enough one day to be recognized as SHINyan alone."

So it's basically just some kind of really weird publicity stunt they made for their upcoming Japanese single, but I thought I'd still share it here smiley: laugh. I don't even know if the members were actually aware this was happening because Key posted a picture of it on Instagram and said "Ah…This…picture… I thought it was just a cute, edited photo that was posted online… It turns out it’s actually something our company released? Hmm..I’m really taken aback." wtf

But let's move on to the INTERESTING NEWS! Jonghyun will be releasing his first full-length solo album at the end of May (no set date yet) after Tiffany's solo debut!! It was confirmed and we have some informations (trans cr. omggminho, thatcoolcatmeow);
  • His comeback should be in the 4th week of May, after Tiffany;
  • Jonghyun is working on a showcase;
  • And he has once again participated in the album-making through composing and writing.

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May 21 16 6:47 AM

On May 24, Jonghyun will release his 1st full album 'She Is' (좋아 / Joha), containing a total of 9 songs! 8 of the 9 will be self-composed songs by the talented singer/song writer, showing off a variety of new genres that will cater to both his domestic and international fans!

Teaser pictures

image image image image image image image

Teaser clips

Titled as the same as the album name, ‘She Is’ is described as an electro funk genre with future bass. It’s a song with repeated melody and lyrics with a friendly charm, which is expected to receive a hot responses from music fans.

The song is said to be composed by Crush and Philtre with Jonghyun directly wrote the lyrics. His composing team WeFreaky and other musicians also participated in making the song.

In particular, Jonghyun will hold his comeback showcase on May 23rd where he will perform his new songs for the first time as well as talking about the album preparations.




Those descriptions... Haha smiley: laugh Can't wait to hear the songs! I have no doubt this album is going to be amazing.
Sources: descriptions / credits

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Jun 23 16 3:57 AM

Taemin is debuting in Japan with a mini-album on July 27th!

Sayonara Hitori (さよならひとり; Solitary Goodbye)

image image
Limited CD+DVD / Regular CD Only

01. Sayonara Hitori (さよならひとり)
02. Press Your Number (Japanese Version)
05. Sekai de Ichiban Aishita Hito (世界で一番愛した人; The Person I Loved The Most In This World)

01. Sayonara Hitori Music Video (さよならひとり)
02. Press Your Number Music Video (Korean Version)
03. Inside of "Sayonara Hitori"

Official website

I wasn't expecting that at all actually, but I guess if one of the members had to debut in Japan it had to be Taemin given his popularity there. I wish the covers looked like the promo picture because it's amazing! But they're great nonetheless.
He will also be holding a special showcase for the album on his birthday (July 18)!

By the way SHINee will be holding their SHINee WORLD V concert on September 3 and 4, so I guess we're getting a comeback this summer. smiley: smile

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Jun 29 16 5:21 AM

New informations about Taemin's Japanese mini-album;

The limited edition is packaged in a tall digipack case and comes with a 20-page photobooklet. The regular edition is packaged in a regular jewel case and comes with an alternative jacket enclosed in it (one randomly chosen between 5 kinds), as well as a 16-page photobooklet.

The lyrics of "Sayonara Hitori" were already released on uta-net, and you can already find a translation provided by @keihissi right here! You can hear a preview of the song in the latest teaser;

Wasn't expecting this kind of song at all... but I like it
Taemin will also be featured in tons of Japanese magazines (including JELLY, ELLE Japan, Nylon Japan...) and TV shows next month. You can find Taemin's/SHINee's complete Japanese schedule here.

According to @keihissi still, "The theme of Taemin's JP solo revolves around "east meets west" and "orientalism" while the visual portrays loneliness, pain, and strength." The choreographer for Sayonara Hitori is Sugawara Koharu. She has choreographed for Koda Kumi, Crystal Kay, SNSD, and 2NE1. She choreographed 2NE1's "Falling in Love" & SNSD's "LOVE & GIRLS" (with Nakasone Rino).

In other news, the SHINee WORLD IV concert DVD was released in Korea on the 10th, and it's being released in Blu-ray format next month! I don't think I've ever seen any Korean artist/group releasing a Blu-ray of their concert in Korea. That's great! smiley: happy

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Jun 30 16 6:41 PM

LQ radio rip:

I like it a lot, the progression of the song is really interesting and his voice is amazing but I'm gonna have to get used to that messy dubstep-ish part, especially the last 30 seconds. smiley: laugh Really excited to see the music video / choreography now.

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Jul 6 16 11:08 AM

That was very anime-esque. Especially the lava scenes/outfit. The dance, while great, doesn't fit with the song at all. I don't like the dubstep-like sounds we're hearing but the verses are nice.

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Jul 22 16 6:05 AM

The tickets for SHINee's upcoming concert "SHINee WORLD V" at Gymnastics Stadium of Olympic Park, Seoul will go on sale on July 28th at 8PM (KST)!


Definitely their best tour poster so far. Last year "Odd" was released right after their SHINee WORLD IV concert in Seoul, so we can definitely expect a new release in the upcoming months.

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Sep 5 16 4:01 PM

SHINee recently completed the three days of their SHINee WORLD V concert and, as expected, they're coming back this month!
They will most likely release their new album after/around the Chuseok holidays, which end on September 16. They performed five new songs during their concerts: "Prism", which was written and composed by Jonghyun, "Feel Good", "Invisible Umbrella", "So Amazing", and another unnamed song. You can probably find LQ recordings of them on YouTube. The instrumental and choreography of the title track (supposedly) were also teased each night during the encore (you can watch a video here if you don't mind being spoiled). And Minho has silver hair omfg

image image image image
image image image image
image image image image image image image

Edit: Oops I posted at the same time as you SushiBoat! From what I understood it's not going to be the title track but who knows smiley: tongue

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