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Feb 19 13 6:22 PM

After all the hype I listened to the album again and it's even better, I feel like each track is interesting in its own way. I love how all their voices blend together!
I still can't tell which are my favorite tracks but I really love "Dream Girl" more and more (the song itself)!

Fire PV Preview from Mezamashi TV!

Click here (the PV's short version is posted below)

I guess we'll get the video on EMI's YouTube channel soon, except it'll probably be a short version... Well I'm not sure, but I think that's likely since they called the PV "complete ver." on the single (well that might also mean there's a long version like they did for "1000 Nen", but I don't think so).

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Posts: 2,668 Mohtorboat

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Feb 19 13 6:27 PM

Dream Girl is certainly better than Sherlock and Lucifer, lol. It's pm proof that SM really needs to use different producers instead of the same ones over and over again.
But that glitchy effect in the video is so annoying. I legitimately thought there was a problem with the upload.

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Feb 19 13 9:04 PM

I haven't been this excited over a SHINee song since their first album. I love it. They harmonize so well. I can't wait to see if they can preform this well liv.

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Feb 20 13 6:56 AM

Their "Dream Girl" showcase will start in about 10 minutes, if you want to watch it it's streamed here!

It says "KOREA Only" at the bottom, but apparently that's not where you watch the showcase. You have to click the purple banner that's a little higher. Open it with Internet Explorer and install the add-on. Then the video should appear after refreshing the page!
Well at least I hope that's how it works!

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Feb 21 13 10:36 AM

^^ LMAOsmiley: roll

Today they made their music show comeback with "Beautiful" & "Dream Girl" on M!Countdown!

Click here

The performance was AMAZING! Too bad they lip-synced "Dream Girl", but I knew that was gonna happen, SM artists always lip-sync the first few lives...
If it's like "Sherlock" they'll sing it live soon. By the way I hope the video doesn't get removed, Mnet has an official channel but didn't upload Beautiful's performance!

Short version PV of "Fire"

I'm so sorry it was released yesterday but I somehow completely forgot to post it here. smiley: frown
Anyway I was right about the fact they would release a short version! At first I thought the video was going to be totally boring but I kinda like it now. I really like the song a lot too.

The Dream Girl Showcase on YouTube

Click here

When I saw they were introducing in different languages, I was like "Minho please introduce the group in French, please please please"... And HE DID omfg (around 12:50).
He said "Bonjour... Bonjour, nous sommes SHINee"!!! I'm so happy my ultimate bias introduced SHINee in my language smiley: laugh

Other videos:
Subbed Mnet Wide News (including a making video of "Dream Girl" + some BTS from M!Countdown): Click here
Today's appearance on Young Street Radio: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9

Concerning the radio comeback, Key wasn't here because he was apparently filming a variety show, and Onew had to leave early to host another radio show (Kiss The Radio).

image image

More L'Officiel Hommes scans / previews:

Perfect smiley: embarassed.

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Feb 21 13 2:55 PM

SHINee always kill it on stage. Hopefully we get to hear some live vocals soon. *stares at SM*

Anyway, Dream Girl is good, although it is not as bold or interesting as Sherlock. It's also quite short and the progressions between segments of the song are lightning-fast, so I kind of feel disappointed each time it ends. Lucifer and Sherlock certainly didn't suffer from that. But I like the song for what it is: a quick thrill with some great vocals.

The album is damn cohesive though. I really enjoy many of the album cuts more than Dream Girls, such as Beautiful, Dynamite, and Hitchhiking which is probably my favorite~.

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Posts: 136 ~安室ちゃん~

#669 post_url

Feb 22 13 6:35 AM

I never thought I'd say Taemin is getting handsome, but there it is... ^^;;; The wonders a decent haircut can work...

Key's pics with freckles is quite freaky, I must say. Looks good, but~

Beautiful is a cool performance, I like Key's smile and all of them looking happy~ The first two vocals were kinda rough... ^^;;
Why can't MCountdown ever actually look HD?

I'm still deciding what I think about the album. I like the song where they sing to the top, but the Touch song... No 70s, please...
So far it's okay, but nothing super compelling. It kinda blends togehter, the songs all have a similar tempo or something.

I thought Fire was going to be incredibly cheesy, but it seems to be a really sweet song. Hope to see the long video sometime~

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Feb 22 13 12:57 PM

Music Bank Performance!

Click here

TAEMIN WAS SO CUTE DURING "Beautiful"!! (and Minho is so hot) 1:18 he hits the background dancer and 1:47 he makes a little mistake & laughs with Key. smiley: laugh His outfit during "Dream Girl" tho... wtf
I can't tell if "Dream Girl" is live, it's so weird. I think some parts are but the backtrack is probably still very loud.
Also included in the video: SISTAR19 winning an award and Minho, Jjong & Key imitating their choreo lmao!

Btw if you like the album, please support them by buying it on KPopTown, or any website that is affiliated with the Hanteo charts!
Or digitally (preferably on Soribada since it counts towards the Korean charts but iTunes is fine, apparently they earn 30% of the price);

SHINee for the A-Pop "Star Week" Hangout Event (International!)

Click here


Other news:

The variety show Key was recording yesterday is apparently "Full House". It will air next Friday!

L'Officiel Hommes Interview:
Today SHINee recorded the Guerilla Date segment of KBS Entertainment Relay! They were already guests last year for Sherlock's promotion. It will air tomorrow at 9:05PM KST!

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Feb 23 13 10:11 AM

^ Ahaha ikr, well he almost made the mic fall during the MV shooting (at 1:20), Onew is so funny! ♥ But yeah Minho & Taemin both broke their mics once during music shows recordings so I'm surprised Onew didn't lol.

Music Core Performance

Click here

Well "Dream Girl" was lip-synced but the performance was still amazing, and "Beautiful" was PERFECT! *_*
Tbh I always watch the entire shows just for SHINee, and the other groups are sooo boring compared to them ... smiley: sick Except a few ones like SISTAR19!

SHINee on Love Request

Interview / Performance

Aww they were so sweet during the first part. Key holding the lady's hand. smiley: frown

SHINee on Guerilla Date

*The video was deleted from YouTube*

Well it was extremely short this time but I love this show, seeing the members play with fans is priceless! And Onew crying with laughter. smiley: laugh
I opened the stream like one hour before SHINee's cut, it worked perfectly and just when it started it began lagging sooo much =_=.

Sorry if I embed so many YouTube videos in every page. smiley: frown I'll edit the old posts and just put links instead I guess.
I hope it's not taking ages to load.

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Feb 24 13 11:49 AM

Inkigayo Performance

Click here

Definitely my favorite performance, the stages were amazing!! 6d4367b96ddab0b8447483709a67ce094d557fd8_r
It was their last comeback performance (they still have to perform on Show Champion on the 27th), which means they'll be able to win awards starting next week!

In other news, SHINee will have their first fansigning event for this album on February 28th at the Youngpoong Books store.
Today they also recorded an episode of the KBS Talkshow "Hello"! They were also featured in an episode last year during Sherlock's promotions, it was pretty funny so I'm excited to watch it. And I also added a picture of Minho & Kwanghee (lol at his face) at Inkigayo. ♥

image image

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Feb 27 13 12:25 PM

"Fire" was just released on iTunes Japan today!

I love this song, at first I didn't like it that much but it grew on me a lot. Can't wait to hear the B-Side too, we're getting so many new songs recently it's a little hard to keep up smiley: laugh
What do you guys think? Do you mind the JPop sound they've been taking for their Japanese releases? Tbh I think it's a really good thing, they're making original song suited to the Japanese audience and I actually like it a lot (even though I still prefer their Korean songs).

- In other news, today Jonghyun, Minho and Taemin appeared on SBS Power FM Choi Hwajung’s Power Time (Pictures here / Video here).
- The episode of the TV Show "1 vs 100" featuring Onew (that was filmed on January 27th) was broadcasted today (Video here).
- The 3rd episode of SHINee's Wonderful Day was also broadcasted today, you can find the subtitled episodes on kshownow and YouTube.
- Finally, they all recorded an episode of Yoo Heeyeol's Sketchbook! (Pictures here / Fanaccount here)

Tomorrow they'll appear on "Show Champion" and they'll record an episode for the "Beatles Code Season 2".

EDIT: I wish people would post tbh smiley: frown

They won the trophy on Show Champion!!

Omg it was the first performance that could possibly win an award and it was a success. I'm so happy for them! 3f1268864eb694bb8b9948c131757f941a97c5a3_r
I hope they'll win many other awards for "Dream Girl"! They totally deserve it.

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Posts: 3,903 SHINee/SNSD Love

#676 post_url

Feb 27 13 3:36 PM

Well done on their first win! I hope they'll receive the triple crown with M!Countdown and Music Bank as well!

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Feb 28 13 5:51 PM

Today they had a pretty busy schedule!

They won the award on M!Countdown!!

SO HAPPY!! They definitely deserved it, I hope they'll achieve triple crowns too. The performance was LIVE this time and really flawless! 3f1268864eb694bb8b9948c131757f941a97c5a3_r
As I said last week they don't start singing live until the second week of promotions, and today they nailed it.

Also, they were the MCs during the show, they were just separated into different 2-3 members groups to host the show. So they announced their win & their encore stage themselves LMAO!
They also appeared on the Wide Entertainment News section right before the show; Click here.

Other news

- Today they also held their first fansigning event for "Dream Girl" right after the show at Youngpoong Books (Pictures here / Fanaccount here), I think 3 other fansignings are already planned!
- Then they rushed to the Kiss The Radio studio where they appeared as guests (Video here / Pictures here).
- AND THEN they were also guests on ShimShimTaPa! (Videos here / Pictures here).

In this video at 1:30 they had to recognize which sentence didn't mean "thank you" in different languages, and the last one is "Tu es moche" LMAO! It litteraly means "You're ugly" in French. Wow, they really love France right? please announce a new SMTown in Paris then -_-
I'm happy because Minho was the first to say it at 2:10 and after that they kept repeting it haha! Hearing him speak French so many times is amazing. sexy voice~
Jonghyun said "Tu es moche" to Minho but in the end he lost a game with Shindong & the other members and had to stay until the end of the show as DJ while the others could leave smiley: roll

EDIT: Wow there are so many things today I forgot about this: the new SHINee in Wonderland star cards, which have been postponed 2 times already (February 14th > 22nd > 28th) were finally released today!!
I'm kinda upset because I ordered the album with them, but you can see pictures here and they look pretty cool! There are different types of cards, these ones are awesome, can't wait to receive my deck.

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#679 post_url

Mar 4 13 6:24 PM

^ Well the chorus is similar but yeah.
Sorry I haven't posted the recent performances:

Music Bank

I'm kinda sad they didn't win. smiley: frown Well SISTAR19's song is a huge hit, I hope they'll win the award this week though!
But they didn't look sad at all and they made the table dance so I don't really mind lmao (2min ftw)

Music Core


I always like the Inkigayo performances a lot! I heard its ranking system will be back soon?
They also held several fansigning events recently (they actually had 2 today), and their appearance on the talk shows "Hello" and "The Beatle Code" were broadcasted today!
Also, a making video of "Dream Girl" (the song itself) was released! You can watch it here.

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Mar 10 13 4:32 PM

This week's performances:

SHINee won ALL THE AWARDS this week!! 3f1268864eb694bb8b9948c131757f941a97c5a3_r

- Show Champion - Backstage + Performance + #1
- M!Countdown - Performance / #1
- Music Bank - Performance / #1
- Music Core - Performance
- Inkigayo - Performance

So they had to leave for Jakarta (for yesterday's Music Bank in Jakarta) on the 8th, that's why they weren't there to receive the Music Bank award. The performances for Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo were shot on March 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively.
They really deserved to win, I love to see them so happy when the MCs announce their name! Now we're aiming for the triple crowns next week~
They also had several appearances on other talk shows but since most aren't subbed (except for cuts) I'm not posting all of them. They were featured on the last episode of Beatles Code 2, here's the subbed video!

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