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Feb 12 13 9:11 AM

^ LOL! The Idol Star Championship, recorded at the end of last month, was just broadcasted yesterday. Here's Minho's cut;

So sad he fell smiley: frown. If some of you guys want to see the full show (a lot of artists are featured), here (it's not subbed yet though).

SHINee will hold a special event to celebrate the release of the third album
SHINee will hold a special event before releasing the third album, their first new album to be released in eleven months.

On February 12, SHINee’s agency reported, “SHINee will hold a special event at the Olympus Hall on February 14 at 5:00 p.m under the title of Melon Premiere – SHINee Music Spoiler. You’ll be able to listen to all songs from SHINee’s third album, which will be released all over the world on February 19, and hear some stories about the making of the album. This event is to introduce contemporary band SHINee’s third album briefly to some music critics, fashion editors, songwriters, and people who work in the music industry before its official release.”

Through the music site Melon, a hundred people will be specially invited to the event. You can apply for the attendance on the official website of Melon.

The group is planning to promote “Dream Girl,” a dance number.

Source: TV Report,
Shared by: joAnnwashere @

The people who will be invited are SO LUCKY smiley: eek. So I guess we might get a few album reviews before the release date.
Sherlock's medley teaser (this one) was released 4 days before the actual release so we might get Dream Girl's medley teaser around the same time?

SHINee’s comeback performance with “Dream Girl” scheduled for all 4 major music shows starting from February 21st
SHINee’s first comeback performance with their all-new title song “Dream Girl” will be held on Mnet’s M! Countdown on February 21st. The members will promote the track on all four major music shows throughout the weekend, with stages at KBS Music Bank on the 22nd, MBC Music Core on the 23rd, and SBS Inkigayo on the 24th.

Translated by: kimchi hana @
Also, dunno if anyone cares but the first episode of the complete uncut version of "SHINee's Wonderful Vacations" will be broadcasted today at 11PM (KST), which is in 1 hour. I still don't have a streaming website though smiley: ohwell.

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Feb 14 13 5:40 PM

Okay so they're having a MelOn special event as I said in my previous post, and informations about the album were released.. Or should I say the ALBUMS!


"Chapter 1 : Dream Girl - The Misconception of You" will be physically released on February 20th with 9 new songs and a 64-page Photobook!
Apparently the songs are : Dream Girl, Aside (방백), Dynamite, Spoiler, 히치하이킹 (Hitchhiking), Punch Drunk Love, It's You + 1 other song.
"Spoiler"'s lyrics were written by Jonghyun, and will reveal the song titles of the new album (?). The producing team chief for this album is the one who composed "Boy Meets Girl" on their mini-album "Romeo". There are probably other stuff but there are no official announcements so I'm collecting everything from Twitter.

EDIT : Apparently "Dream Girl" is choreographed by Tony Testa, who also did the choreography for "Sherlock"! And the song titles featured in the lyrics of "Spoiler" are Dream Girl, Hitchhiking, Punch Drunk Love, Aside, Beautiful, Girls Girls Girls, Runaway, Nightmare, Excuse me Miss, 오르골 (Orgel / Music Box), Evil, Why So Serious?.
There's another song mixed in "Sherlock" besides "Clue" and "Note" (the introduction isn't featured in any of them). This introduction is merged in the interlude of "Spoiler"! This song sounds promising.

Now I know the cover is pretty creepy and we're only getting 9 songs but it's getting interesting: a second album will be released in April with 9 other songs, which makes a total of 18 new tracks OMG!!

"Chapter 2 : Dream Girl - The Misconception of Me" will be released in April, no precise release date yet.
The album will contain 9 other songs, so it's not just a simple repackage but a completely different album. Apparently a song titled "떠나지 못해 (I Can't Leave)" from this album was sang during the MelOn event!

The event's playlist :
01. Spoiler
02. 히치하이킹 (Hitchhiking)
03. Punch Drunk Love
04. 방백 (Aside)
05. 아름다워 (Beautiful)
06. 떠나지 못해 (I Can't Leave)
07. The Misconceptions of Me
08. Dream Girl

Korean fans said this is NOT the tracklist of an album, just the playlist of the event.
Dunno which songs are from chapter 1 or 2 though. SO EXCITED ILGDHDGHDJKDHJKDHKFDDG

VERY interesting fan accounts from the event translated by @qyblingtastic! It talks about the new songs, the MV, Q&As from the members...

Next week on M!Countdown

In addition to all of that, the boys are gonna kick off their second Japan Arena Tour on May 29th, 13 concerts are already announced!
After a successful tour in Japan last year, SHINee will embark on their second Japan Arena Tour starting on May 29th. The tour consists of 13 concerts in 8 different regions, and will kick off at the Nippon Gaishi Hall in Nagoya and end at Toki Messe in Niigata. It's possible that more dates will be added like in their previous tour, which was extended with by 6 additional concerts due to high demand. The confirmed dates are as follows:

SHINee is the first Korean artist that attracted 200,000 attendees on their first arena tour and made over 25 billion won ($22 million USD). Since then, SHINee has released two original Japanese singles and is set to release their 7th single "Fire" on March 13. Their second arena tour is highly anticipated by fans and media.

Source: SHINee World J Fanclub
Translated by: red @
Written by: kimchi hana @
Does that mean a new Japanese album is coming too?! Well I can wait for that, I want them to rest at least a little before this tour because they're gonna die, 2 full Korean albums, a Japanese single, new tour... smiley:
I'm so happy we're getting all of this, still spazzing LOL, I'm excited.

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Feb 15 13 5:33 AM

And now they're releasing Fire's teaser! There's so much stuff coming omg.

Wow I was expecting an upbeat song! So it made the preview even more surprising. I knew it was weird because I searched what the composer usually did and I think most of his songs were slow/midtempo.
I like it a lot though, the chorus is nice. It sounds very JPop lol! I think it's nice they're giving them original japanese song specifically made for the japanese audience.
It does sound promising but I have to say I'm more excited for "Dream Girl" right now haha!

In other news they had a photoshoot with NYLON which is gonna come out in the magazine's next issue right in time for the album's release. They've been releasing teaser pictures regularly and it looks... HOT 3f1268864eb694bb8b9948c131757f941a97c5a3_r

"Naked SHINee" OMG. But they obviously won't be naked though, except maybe Jjong. I LOVE the photoshoot pictures, especially Minho! ♥

"Dream Girl" next week on Music Bank!

OMG! There's actually a preview this time! Okay it's the tiniest preview EVER but yeah. SO EXCITED! It's getting closer.

Last Edited By: LeeLeeNeko Feb 15 13 6:05 AM. Edited 1 time.

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Feb 15 13 8:08 AM

OK, about "Fire", I'm a bit disappointed they're releasing another slow song. With that title, I was expecting something hot lol sounds good so far though Can't say anything about "Dream Girl" though

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Feb 15 13 11:08 AM

Tracklist on YesAsia:

01. Spoiler
02. Dream Girl
03. 히치하이킹 (Hitchhiking)
04. Punch Drunk Love
05. Girls, Girls, Girls
06. 방백 (Aside)
07. 아름다워 (Beautiful)
08. 다이너마이트 (Dynamite)
09. Runaway

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Feb 15 13 2:24 PM

^ Thank you! I'm surprised they didn't include "It's You" which Onew wrote the lyrics for.

Since songs from both albums were played during the MelOn premiere event, the confirmed tracks for the second album (in addition to "It's You") are: Nightmare, Excuse Me Miss, 오르골 (Orgel / Music Box), Evil, Why So Serious?, and The Misconceptions of Me.
By the way, if you didn't read this in my previous post;

The 7th song "The Misconceptions of Me" seems to be a mix of 3 songs "Nightmare" "Like a Fire" "Excuse Me Miss" (titles not 100% cfmed)
So I guess "Like a Fire" is also a song from the second album. I can't wait to hear "The Misconceptions of Me", I love when they mix several tracks together!

SHINee also created a LINE account, and they are holding chat sessions from today to February 19th at 6:00PM KST.
How to add SHINee on your LINE app:
Today they held their first special LINE event, here are the translations;
image image image image

[Minho] Kim Chae Eun-nim, thanks for showing concern on my injury ㅜㅜ It got a lot better already…
[Jonghyun] Mun Jisu-nim, answer to your question! My favourite color is red, black!!!
[Onew] Lee Woojung-nim asked what did we have for dinner, now we’re practicing so still thinking about it… what should i eat? ㅎㅎ
[Minho] Ra-nim asked what would be the event for our 5th debut anniversary this year… now it’s still…. secretㅎ

[Jonghyun] I’ll go with a storm loads of answers!
[Jonghyun] xx-ssi asked which member became more handsome is…. me ah Kim Jonghyun ohoh better and better (ie. rise) everyday ohoh
[Onew] Areum-nim asked for some cheering words for those taking exams, hwaiting! Exam students should have a lot of worries on their studies~ but even so hulhul~ eliminates them! Just follow what you think you should do..
[Taemin] Cobb-nim asked for some words to those SHINee fans whom are still working in office! Hwaiting even though it’s tiring.. and keep a smile on your face everyday^^ hwaiting
[Key] Hyeya-nim asked how can Jonghyun be this annoyingly handsome, can I laugh?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
[Jonghyun] Song Jooyoung-nim.. she asked what Key’s number 1 treasure is. I will give you an answer. Key’s treasure is Jonghyun
[Taemin] heo myeong yin-nim, my hobby nowadays? well.. Its always the same~ Practice or play soccer with my friends
[Taemin] Kim Leejoon-nim, asked who is the fastest batter in SHINee~ Won’t that be Taemin? I am Jonghyun (huh?ㅋㅋ)

[SHINee] Please look forward to our comeback on the 19th~ also don’t forget to come on Line at 6pm everyday~

All screenshots credits: Forever_SHINee
English Translations: eimanjjong, onyuxccy, shineester, YangMehLin

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Feb 16 13 11:13 PM


Apparently the order is: Spoiler, Hitchhiking, Punch Drunk Love, Girls Girls Girls, Aside, Beautiful, Dynamite, Runaway, Dream Girl.

It's 4am where I live so I've been waiting for HOURS, but omg it was totally worth the wait. The whole album sounds amazing!
I can't even tell which preview is my favorite because honestly I like them all a lot. I can't believe this is only HALF of the actual album.

"Dream Girl" (the song itself) sounds very good & energetic. Now I just have to stop listening to the medley because I already replayed it too many times lmao.
Actually the whole album really seems to be uptempo and energetic, and from what thy said at the premiere the second chapter will apparently be a lot darker.

What do you guys think?

Last Edited By: LeeLeeNeko Feb 17 13 12:13 AM. Edited 4 times.

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Feb 16 13 11:15 PM

Mmm... nothing has really caught my attention. There isn't any omfg-so-hot track based on these previews. But I'll wait to listen and judge later haha

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Feb 18 13 4:41 AM


043267964bbd04dd8299e0c9ca8ee0329345548d_r043267964bbd04dd8299e0c9ca8ee0329345548d_r043267964bbd04dd8299e0c9ca8ee0329345548d_r Wow this MV is gonna be crazy. I need to see the choreography because apparently it's amazing!
Now there's less than 1 day left before the album's release! It'll be released at 12PM KST tomorrow, it's getting really close.


LMAO Onew is so funny. I love the fact Key just had to replace Onew's jacket when he came to him, little fashionista smiley: laugh

NYLON Magazine Scans

image image image image image
image image image image image

Shooting Video:

The magazine was only released today, can't believe the fans were so fast omg (I'm not sure if that's all the pictures). I love this photoshoot 3f1268864eb694bb8b9948c131757f941a97c5a3_r.

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Posts: 136 ~安室ちゃん~

#652 post_url

Feb 18 13 7:06 AM

The medley is very pop-y~ I'm particularly worried about the 70s sounding song. ^^;; Based on the description of the second part, I might like that one better?

Also, Fire teaser? Maybe if I listen to the lyrics I'll understand the strange setting. Was hoping for something more dramatic with that type of title. ^^;;

But, ooh, Dream Girl teaser is totally trippy. I'm cracking up over Minho's expression.

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Feb 19 13 12:24 AM

The album was just released digitally an hour ago, I bought it on Soribada & iTunes and it's AMAZING!
If you won't buy a physical copy, at least buying it digitally would be great!

If possible, I would recommend buying it on Soribada, that way it will count for their ranking on the music shows.

I can't choose my favorite track because I truly love all of them, the title track the most I think because it's simply amazing. smiley: laugh I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE MUSIC VIDEO (apparently it'll be released at 5PM KST, along with a dance version)!!

image image image image image

SHINee to be featured in L'Officiel Hommes Korea's March Issue

image image

The magazine will be released on March 1st, SHINee are featured on pages 328-343

Source : ha_haha__ , Money Today
Reuploaded by : nikitz @

Translated interview from NYLON Korea:

Yep! Apparently the darker tracks are all on the second chapter, they said both albums will be very different. I wish they wouldn't have divided it this way, because now people who don't follow the news can't really know about this. smiley: ohwell

synchrostorm: Yeah I think the MV looks a lot more original this time, I like the concept and the moving set. SM is being a lot more creative this time, yay! I love the fact that the members in the 'dream world' are pulling the real members back into their sleep, that's me (and pretty much everyone I guess) every morning LMAO smiley: 

Last Edited By: LeeLeeNeko Feb 19 13 8:25 AM. Edited 1 time.

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Feb 19 13 8:24 AM


I LOVE THEM! The song is growing on me even more. 043267964bbd04dd8299e0c9ca8ee0329345548d_r I really like this a lot more than Sherlock's video. What do you guys think? Did you hear the rest of the album?
By the way they pre-recorded their comeback performance, I'M SO EXCITED TO SEE IT!

By the way the MelOn Premier 'SHINee Music Spoiler' can be streamed with english subs here:

Last Edited By: LeeLeeNeko Feb 19 13 8:44 AM. Edited 1 time.

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Feb 19 13 8:39 AM

The Music Video is quite nice, a bit different from the usual SM videos. And the song is actually better than what I thought it would be.
Still have to listen to the album but it's a great comeback so far.

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Feb 19 13 9:17 AM

I think it's a strong comeback ... I like the song, MV and album tracks (esp Dynamite and Hitchhiking) more than Sherlock. It's a nice evolution of their sound too. Any idea which other song they're performing for their comeback?

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Feb 19 13 9:41 AM

^ Oops I thought I wrote it! Apparently it's "Beautiful". smiley: wink
By the way the album made an all-kill on real time charts!

SHINee’s “Dream Girl” makes an all-kill on real time charts

image image image image

SHINee's return with their new title track “Dream Girl” has certainly hyped up fans, who have immediately shown their massive support for the song. Thus, it’s no surprise that the boys have seen their name take over the charts!

SHINee’s “Dream Girl” ranked #1 across on all the top music sites like Naver, Bugs, Melon, Soribada, and much more. As if that weren’t enough, the entire album, ‘Chapter 1. Dream Girl – The Misconceptions of You’, dominated the top 10 of real time charts of several sites, showcasing SHINee’s enormous popularity.

Congrats to SHINee and their fans!

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Feb 19 13 11:40 AM

Just watched the MV. I really love the set and the effects haha so cool The song is ok, but I feel like I've heard that chorus before in other songs of them... Not really impressed.

Gotta listen to the album though.

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Posts: 3,903 SHINee/SNSD Love

#660 post_url

Feb 19 13 1:42 PM

The album is amazingly cohesive! The title track is a grower as well so I'm glad to have the Korean SHINee back!

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