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Posts: 3,903 SHINee/SNSD Love

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Apr 24 11 9:16 PM

What so now the Japan debut changed from May to July?

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Apr 25 11 5:55 AM

^ Oh the 'comeback in July' thing is about their Korean comeback obviously since there's Music Bank and Music Core. Cfe360fd6c85b4ff44bd8c20945cc1911023de3c_r
They didn't say the Japanese single was going to be delayed, but I think it's weird that they just recorded the song some days ago. But Minho was filming his scenes for the Japanese PV today ;

Minho’s Concept for Japan Debut Single

It was twitted Minho is currently filming his scenes in the pv for SHINee’s Japan debut single in the Publishers Block in Paju. The concept is…

The set is a basketball court. Minho is playing basketball with other guys.

ccredit&trans: jujugal

EDIT : So I didn't know but I think the guys didn't RECORD the single on April 21st, but that's the day Cheon Hoon was mastering the song. So I guess it's possible they recorded it some days earlier ?

"Mastering SHINee’s Japan debut single!" (translation: jujugal)

It's not really important, I'm just saying this cause I said it was weird they just recorded the song 4 days ago.
Additional informations concerning Cheon Hoon ;
Cheon Hoon is mastering engineer from Sonic Korea, the mastering/recording company which also mastered other great albums such as SJ-M ‘Perfection’, MBLAQ’s, After School’s Kahi solo, and more..
CR: topcombinest @wordpress
Cheon Hoon also mastered After School first album, "Happy Pledis" and Rainbow second mini-album, "SO GIRL".

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Apr 25 11 4:46 PM

Rumors ; apparently their Japanese debut will be in June and the song would be the Japanese version of "Replay"...


SHINee has started filming their Japan PV today. The photo is supposed to be the location for Jonghyun & Yoona’s parts. The coffeehouse is ‘cafe de marionette’. Apparently Jonghyun sang to Yoona. Onew is a sculptor. 2 real Arts students participated in Onew’s scenes. Minho is filmed doing what he’s most famous for: sports ie. basketball (sure he’s good at that too). Key is a designer while Taemin is a dancer…

It’s almost confirmed that their 1st Japanese single will be the Japanese version of ‘Replay’. (I was hoping for original Japanese songs but I guess it’s not so expensive if they ‘recycle’ the songs)

Unconfirmed news: SHINee will make their debut in June (should be since SHINee already did the photoshoot for Elle Girl Korea & Japan June issue). Official news release may be out by Wednesday.

source: woshiyuanzi

Dunno if it's true, I wanted a new song, but at least they won't put the Korean version of their Japanese song on their next comeback CD. I just want to hear the guys singing in Japanese SOOO much ! Cfe360fd6c85b4ff44bd8c20945cc1911023de3c_r
Btw I may look like a stan right now, but I'm doing this to keep the thread updated and alive cause not a lot of people are posting. 11a362fa6ee5b6e04ae887259044c0f57f17093e_r *sob*

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Posts: 3,903 SHINee/SNSD Love

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Apr 26 11 12:18 AM

I am STAN for SHINee and JONGHYUN!!!!!!

I am not posting because most of the time I go on this website I'm on my iPhone which can't really quote sources etc lol

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Posts: 3,903 SHINee/SNSD Love

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Apr 26 11 10:13 AM

It's not Ring Ding Dong but oh well. I wonder how they will do the Noona part in Japanese... It was the songs logo...

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Apr 26 11 6:04 PM


The Japanese debut will be on June 22nd, and they updated the official JP website ! Check it out ;

The single is called "Replay" and it'll contain a Japanese version of "Hello" as B-Side !

◆ JAPAN DEBUT PREMIUM Edition (Limited Edition)
Specifications: PHOTO BOOKLET, digipak with sleeve case

CD + DVD + PHOTO BOOKLET 68P + Trading Card (One randomly chosen between 6)
2,500yen[tax in]

3.Replay[Korean ver.]
4.Hello[Korean ver.]

●Replay Music Video
●Replay Teaser
●Replay Dance Music Video


Regular Edition
Specifications: PHOTO BOOKLET

CD + DVD + PHOTO BOOKLET44P + Postcard (First press only)
1,500yen[tax in]


●Replay Music Video
●Replay Teaser
●Replay Jacket Shooting Sketch
●Replay Music Video Shooting Sketch

OMG I can't wait ! The covers aren't out yet (that promo pic might be one of them I guess), and apparently the photobooks are different too. They introduced themselves on Mezamashi TV -

Also here's a rumor concerning their KOREAN comeback ;

[RUMOR] Leaked information on SHINee's Korean comeback

Information is hard to come by, but a very brief overview on their comeback has leaked.

The song is described to be a retro-style disco dance sampled beat with modernized synthesizers with slight undertones of the current electropop scene. The song is said to be called “Rolling Luv” but the title is... subject to change.

Very brief information about the video has surfaced. Apparently they emerge from a limousine on to what looks like a red carpet, but is a roller rink. Inside, Yoona from SNSD is sitting at a table and is asked by Taemin to skate with him. Not much else is known.

source: Facebook, Shawols love SHINee group
credits: Lee Dzenalin
So much news at once, even though those news about the Korean comeback are kinda weird...

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Posts: 3,903 SHINee/SNSD Love

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Apr 26 11 10:27 PM

Omg more SHINee stuff to buy!!!

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Posts: 136 ~安室ちゃん~

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Apr 27 11 3:48 AM

SHINee Japan debut!!! woohoo! And Korean comeback, yay~ ^__^
I need both versions of the single~ Crazy expensive premium edition~ Cfe360fd6c85b4ff44bd8c20945cc1911023de3c_r

What's up with turning the clock back on their hairdos? I don't need them to look any younger... ~_~;;

I'm excited~ There's been nothing else to post about 'til now. ^^;

I feel kinda weird about SJ releasing something the same month in Japan, but hope it all works out.

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Apr 27 11 6:10 AM

"Replay" is up for pre-orders, please support them ! Take both...
CD+DVD Limited Edition -
CD+DVD Regular Edition -
They're topping CDJapan's real time ranking charts~

SHINee talking about their Japanese debut

SHINee to perform at Abbey Road Studios in London to celebrate their Japanese debut
Popular South Korean group SHINee is scheduled to make their major debut in Japan in on June 22nd with their single “Replay” and what is a better way to celebrate this achievement than performing at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London?

That’s exactly what their record label and owner of the studio, EMI Music thought and thus they invited the group to perform at the studios that once inspired legends such as The Beatles and Pink Floyd.

At first it might sound awkward to perform in London to celebrate your Japanese debut, but things become more clear once you understand that Japanese fans actually get the chance to win a ticket for that special performance, and SHINee already has a lot of Japanese fans. Back in December the group held two performances in Tokyo and mobilized a total of 24,000 fans, but more than 100,000 people actually tried to get their hands on the tickets.

Experiencing a performance of SHINee at the Abbey Road Studios is special because they will not only be the very first Asian artists to perform at the studios, it is also a much more intimate atmosphere with the biggest room only giving space to a total of 130 people.

Fans who want to be among those 130 people will have to keep an eye out for special projects on the mobile download sites Recochoku and MOBAEMI starting on April 28th. Not much details are known a the moment and so far this seems to be the only way to get an invitation for the special performance.

The group made a statement about the upcoming performance, “Since it is such a famous studio, we’re really going to anticipate the performance. I hope you will look forward to it as well, because no matter where we are, we will always work hard in order to give back your support through great songs and great performances in typical SHINee fashion.”

EMI also plans to film the performance and distribute the resulting DVD in many countries, not just Japan.
Wow... That's great but I don't really understand why they perform in LONDON to celebrate their JAPANESE debut... F6c2644685b854938fd9edcf70ab67ce9a48e93e_r
Maybe that's why they're gonna make the tickets available only from Recochoku ? Still weird, maybe it's a wrong translation, because on April 28th, "Replay" will be available as a ringtone, maybe they mistook. I don't see why they would do a concert in London with only Japanese people being able to go there...
But it's nice we'll be able to buy the DVD. Studio One website (with pictures of the room)

Also, here are two new dates for the SM Town !

● September 3, 2011 (Saturday)
Open / Starts 3pm /5pm in Tokyo Dome
● September 4, 2011 (Sunday)
Open / Starts 2pm / 4pm
 in Tokyo Dome

source: SM entertainment Japan / credit: winkme @ soompi shinee thread

Omg they're going to the Tokyo Dome ! I hope they'll record a DVD / Blu-ray for this !
More informations on the ringtone coming out soon ;
SHINee's Japanese debut song "replay" will start delivering on April 28 (Thursday) at "Chaku Uta(R) / RBT
As a bonus download you can have SHINee's limited member solo shots stand by screen until May 9 until noon for free (There are 5 kinds)

TL Note : A ChakuUta is a ringtone. It may not seem like a big deal to foreign people, but it’s a booming industry here in Japan because Japanese phones don’t� let you make your own ringtones. Rekochoku makes a killing every year� off of ringtones sold.

source: SHINee's Japanese Official website / English translation: winkme @ soompi shinee thread
Stay tune hehehe~ Bonus ;

SHINee in Sankei Sports News Paper & Sanspo Kan Fun
source: winkme @ soompi shinee thread / [email protected]

HQ Promo picture (click for full size)

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Posts: 136 ~安室ちゃん~

#33 post_url

Apr 27 11 7:09 AM

The cds are also available with first press for the regular edition at HMV Japan.
I ordered mine w/ CDJapan. ^^

You know what else would be great?

Release the Japan concert on dvd! Pretty please??

Also, I'm thinking the special event for the debut will just be a live broadcast of their performance from Abbey Road Studio shown in the five Japanese cities. I can't seriously imagine them flying 130 Japanese fans to London. It'd make even less sense to fly them from different cities. Though, it could also be a fan-meet. Who knows? "Fans who purchase the cds can enter to win an invitation to a special event in Sapporo, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka or Fukuoka."

Last Edited By: Catslaughing Apr 27 11 7:17 AM. Edited 1 time.

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Apr 27 11 10:52 AM

^ Well the only connection is that (apparently) only the Japanese fans can get tickets... Weird. Maybe they're going to pay them a trip to go to London, but that'd be VERY surprising as Catslaughing said.
I guess the live is made soon after their appearance at the SM Town in France (which is on June 10th) ? That's prolly why they're going to London, but it's still pretty senseless.

Catslaughing wrote:
You know what else would be great?

Release the Japan concert on dvd! Pretty please??
Ikr ? I'm tired of these TV rips with like an hour of the concert missing. 2da269c617b374468539f0cc19cfb94d0e5ce4be_r

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#38 post_url

Apr 27 11 12:39 PM

^ It's been their nicknames since their debut.

LQ PREVIEW OF "Replay" !

Random ;
Taemin was recently voted no. 1 by netizens of DC Inside for the male celeb with the slimmest legs comparable to the fairer sex. He gathered 1,681 votes (23.2%) out of 7,245 votes.

The poll was held from 19 April to 26 April 2011. Taemin is also not embarrassed to show off his beautiful slender legs when dressed as a girl.

G-Dragon received 608 votes (8.4%) was no. 2.

Source/Credits: SHINee Bloom
Translation by: eimanjjong @ tumblr

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#40 post_url

Apr 27 11 1:42 PM

^ You should resize your avvie to 100*100
I think the Japanese version sounds quite good actually. But obviously the Korean versions are always the best (also because we're used to them).

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