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Sep 26 16 12:06 PM

They're (finally) coming back omg.


So there's no real information (apart from that date) as of now but Taemin and Minho appeared on "My SMT" (SM's new variety show) and confirmed a few informations (thanks to MakeYouGo on reddit):

■ the comeback will “100%” be in october.
■ the promtional single has a number in it’s title.
■ it will be their fifth full length album!
■ they recently finished filming for comeback related things and minho said that fans can “anticipate”.
■ the concept of the comeback / title track will be “crime and war and declaration”, “the fight against crime” (or something similar to that)

They updated the official website to match with the 90s theme:
And an Instagram account was created for the release:

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Sep 28 16 3:28 PM

UPDATE - Tracklist & new teaser pictures



The album will be released on October 5th! They uploaded some kind of "program guide" with the release schedule. For 5 days starting today (September 28th in Korea), we'll be getting a teaser picture and an Instagram preview of a selected album track (members' picks) at 12AM KST.

The numbers for each teaser were beeper codes that were used in the 90s in Korea.

21004 = to: an angel (1004=cheonsa=angel)
2255 = come over here
486486 = iloveyouiloveyou
0001 = lets become 1 4ever
20000 = that’s it / bye

The album will also be released as a limited cassette tape edition (brings back memories smiley: laugh). It's actually pretty cheap (originally $10 I think) but it sold out so fast I almost didn't get one (edit - it's back in stock so go ahead if you want one!). Can't wait to actually play it in my old cassette player.

Teaser pictures:

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

Instagram pictures:

image image image image image image


Onew's Pick - Don't Let Me Go (Translation) (투명 우산 / Tumyeong Usan; Clear Umbrella)
Jonghyun's Pick - Prism (Translation)
Taemin's Pick - Shift (Translation)
Key's Pick - Feel Good (Translation)
Minho's Pick - Lipstick (Translation)
SHINee's Pick - 1 of 1 (Translation)



01. Prism
02. 1 of 1
03. Feel Good
04. Don't Let Me Go (투명 우산 / Tumyeong Usan; Clear Umbrella)
05. Lipstick
06. Don't Stop
07. Shift
08. U Need Me
09. So Amazing (Special Track)

"1 of 1" is a song of the new jack swing genre that has a "funky rhythm" and "soft r&b melody", along with a "retro feeling". The lyrics will revolve around telling "the one and only love" to a woman. It's said that the album, overall, will have a very retro feel to it (source).

Also, SHINee is going to film Weekly Idol on October 2nd. This will be their first appearance after 3 years and 6 months!

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Oct 3 16 11:44 AM

These suits are hideous omg (except maybe Jonghyun's). Aren't they rather 70s than 90s too? smiley: laugh
But I think I'm gonna love the song!

By the way, album packaging pictures (CD ver / cassette tape):

image image

Holy crap that green... smiley: sick I really like the members posters tho!

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Oct 3 16 11:09 PM

The outfits remind me of late 80's to 90 fashion. I don't know if they need new stylists or if 90's fashion was horrible.
The Spice Girls always had bad fashion choices. I don't remember what the guys were wearing though. The suit remind
me of Bobby Brown for some reason. I'm loving what I'm hearing though.

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Oct 4 16 11:14 AM

It really sucks Onew is missing from the dance cuts. smiley: frown He hurt his ankle while performing during their SW5 concert, and I guess they filmed the MV shortly after that... I'd rather have waited a bit more for him to be fully present in the MV but oh well. The video is okay, it does look very 90s tho!
But I love the song! I can't wait to listen to the album, especially "Feel Good" which sounds amazing.

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