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May 14 14 6:54 AM

This video is for Gyakuyunyu ! Also, Jihen covered this song in their Bon Voyage concert. It was released as 'Le Moment (Identité de la lune)' in English.

If you want to watch the PV for NIPPON, here is a link :

Sounds good to me !

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May 27 14 11:30 AM

The album is pretty good. "Shuen no Onna","Kachū no Otoko"(which has the most interesting arrangement on the album),"Seishun no Mabataki", and "Saisakizaka" are the standouts to me.

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May 29 14 6:56 PM

Did you guys watch the Chotto shita reco-hatsu live recording ?

Her band was stripped down to 4 members (including Midorin from Soil&Pimp), it felt very intimate. I'm ready for new Incidents to happen.

Also, she covered Utada Hikaru's traveling.

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May 30 14 4:09 AM

She almost even kinda looks like her ahaha. Not sure how I feel about her backup singers, but she did a pretty good job. Also love the jazzy feel of the song ahaha

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May 30 14 9:32 PM

moviebuffwwc wrote:
it almost worked. but i rather the vocal arrangement changed as well to suit the style of the music.

but then that's just me.
Yeah, ohashiTrio's cover is better, but this was still enjoyable.


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Jun 1 14 2:41 AM

Personally, I felt that Shiina's execution worked. The only thing that bothered me was the guys in the background singing the travelings in the chorus XD but I guess I can see what you mean

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Jun 10 14 9:46 AM

2D wrote:
its a self-cover album. shes remaking the songs she composded for other artists (chiaki kuriyama, tokio, puffy, tomosaka rie's capuccino! etc) with the help of diferent producers.

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Jun 10 14 11:01 AM

I prefer the NHK [PV] vers. with all IKEMEN of サッカー選手 (^^)
anyway the guitarist who playing used Gibson look a like Ubu (NCIS & Elle Garden)....?
eh it's him right?!!

Last Edited By: NanSan Ogawa Jun 10 14 11:14 AM. Edited 2 times.

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Sep 26 14 8:11 AM

I thought she would give us an album like Sanmon Gossip after five years but we get this one full of singles, even ありあまる富 is there!! I can't wait for this release, though... And I wonder if the new version of 孤独のあかつき is that "English Version" we heard on her last DVD...

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Oct 8 14 3:01 AM

That's...interesting! Why does she remind me of Christina Aguilera during her Back to the Basics era...but Christina never had that awesome pony photobombing her cover.

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