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Dec 21 12 11:43 PM

It's a shame that this is kind of a throwaway release, cuz I do like the main cover...

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Apr 11 13 11:44 PM

PHANTOMgirl wrote:
The ending theme song is called 「幸先坂(さいさきざか)」.  It will be sung by Youko Maki & lyrics/comp is by Ringo Shiina.
01 幸先坂 [作詞/作曲: 椎名林檎]
02 幸先坂 ~新緑篇~

DVD Tracklist:
「幸先坂」 Music Clip

and it will be released as a single on May 27 and will only be available exclusively at Japan's Tower Records.

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Apr 12 13 5:34 AM

Yoko Maki Single
SAISAKIZAKA (幸先坂) "Sayonara Keikoku" Ending Theme Song

CD Tracklist:
1. SAISAKIZAKA (幸先坂) Music/Lyrics: Sheena Ringo
2. SAISAKIZAKA ~Shinryoku Hen~ (幸先坂 ~新緑篇~)

DVD Tracklist:
1. SAISAKIZAKA (幸先坂) Music Clip

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May 9 13 10:54 PM

I like the colors and textures used in the PV, but besides that she looks so bored. Thankfully the song is so amazing I couldn't care less about the PV. Look forward to hearing the B-side!

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May 11 13 11:53 AM

The new song is amazing!

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