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Apr 15 11 9:10 AM

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Ringo Shiina/Ringö Shéna/Rinngo Sheena (椎名林檎)

Yumiko Shiina (椎名裕美子) was born on November 25, 1978, the Year of the Horse, and is a native of Fukuoka. She debuted in 1998 with release of the single “Koufukuron”. Thereafter, she sung her own songs, wrote songs for others, and sang the songs of others. Following a freewheeling solo career, in 2004 she began performing as a member of the band Tokyo Incidents. With the encouragement of her comrades, she continues to playfully explore musical horizons. The solo work she occasionally reveals remains as vital as ever.


[1999.02.24] Muzai Moratorium (無罪モラトリアム; Innocence Moratorium)
[2000.03.31] Shouso Strip (勝訴ストリップ; Winning Strip)
[2003.02.23] Kalk Samen Kuri no Hana (加爾基 精液 栗ノ花; Kalk Samen Chestnut Flower)
[2007.02.21] Heisei Fuuzoku (平成風俗; Japanese MannersShéna Ringö×Saito Neko
[2009.06.24] Sanmon Gossip (三文ゴシップ; Superficial Gossip)
[2014.11.05] Hi Izuru Tokoro (日出処; Sunny)

Other Albums
[2000.09.13] Ze-chyou-syuu (絶頂集; The Acme Collection) (3 CD Single Set)  
[2002.05.27] Utaite Myouri ~Sono Ichi~ (唄ひ手冥利~其ノ壱~; A Favor of Duty ~Part 1~) (Cover Album)
[2008.07.02] Watashi to Houden (私と放電; Electric Discharge & Me) (B-side Best)
[2008.11.25] MoRA (CD Box Set)
[2013.11.13] Ukina (浮き名; Talk of the Town) (Collaboration Best)
[2013.11.13] Mitsugetsu shou (蜜月抄; Honeymoon Excerpt) (Live Best) 
[2014.05.27] Gyakuyunyū  ~Kōwankyaku~  (逆輸入〜港湾局〜; Re-import ~Port Authority~) (Self Cover Album)

[1998.05.27] Koufukuron (幸福論; A View of Happiness
[1998.09.09] Kabuki-cho no Joou (歌舞伎町の女王; Queen of Kabuki-cho
[1999.01.20] Koko de Kiss Shite. (ここでキスして。; Kiss Me.
[1999.10.27] Honnou (本能; Instinct
[1999.10.27] Koufukuron (Re-Release)
[2000.01.26] Gips (ギブス)
[2000.01.26] Tsumi to Batsu (罪と罰; Crime and Punishment) 
[2001.03.28] Mayonaka wa Junketsu (真夜中は純潔; Chastity at Midnight
[2003.01.22] STEM ~Daimyou Asobi Hen~ (茎~大名遊ビ編~; STEM ~At Play With a Feudal Lord~)
[2003.11.25] Ringo no Uta (りんごのうた; A Song of Apples
[2007.01.17] Kono Yo no Kagiri (この世の限り; MemoryShéna Ringö×Saito Neko+Shiina Junpei 
[2009.05.27] Ariamaru Tomi (ありあまる富; The Invaluable
[2011.11.02] Carnation (カーネーション; L' œillet)
[2013.05.27] I・Ro・Ha・Ni・E・To / Kodoku no Akatsuki (いろはにほへと/孤独のあかつき; Les Couleurs Chantent/La Solitude de l'aube)
[2014.06.11] NIPPON
[2015.02.25] Shijou no Jinsei (至上の人生; A Life Supreme)
[2015.07.10] Nagaku Mijikai Matsuri/Kamisama, Hotokesama (長く短い祭/神様、仏様; No Verão, as Noites/God, nor Buddha)

Download Exclusive
[2002.04.10] Georgy Porgy Yokoshima (邪)
[2006.11.11] Karisome Otome (DEATH JAZZ ver.) (カリソメ乙女; "Temporary" virginShéna Ringö×SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS
[2012.01.07] Between Today and Tomorrow
[2012.05.16] Jiyuu e Michizure (自由へ道連れ; Collateral Damage)
[2015.05.13] Saihate ga Mitai (最果てが見たい; Donde Quiere Estar Mi Alma Viajero)
[2016.08.22] 13 jours au Japon ~2020日本の夏~
[2016.08.22] JIYU-DOM (ジユーダム)

[2000.08.30] Seiteki Healing ~Vol. I~ (性的ヒーリング~其ノ壱~; Sexual Healing ~Vol. I~
[2000.08.30] Seiteki Healing ~Vol. II~ (性的ヒーリング~其ノ弐~; Sexual Healing ~Vol. II~
[2000.12.07] Gekokujyo Xstasy (下剋上エクスタシー; Revolt Xstasy(Blu-ray)
[2000.12.07] Hatsuiku Status Gokiritsu Japon (発育ステータス御起立ジャポン; Growth Status Stand up Japon(Blu-ray)
[2003.01.22] Hyakuiro Megane (百色眼鏡; Kaleidoscope: A Short Film
[2003.05.27] Baishou Xstasy (賣笑エクスタシー, Prostitute Xstasy(Blu-ray)
[2003.08.20] Seiteki Healing ~Vol. III~ (性的ヒーリング~其ノ参~; Sexual Healing ~Vol. III~
[2003.12.17] Electric Mole (Blu-ray)
[2007.02.21] Dai Ikkai Ringohan Taikai no Moyo (第一回林檎班大会の模様; Meeting of the Ringo Squad Vol. 1(Blu-ray)
[2007.04.25] Heisei Fuuzoku Daikinjou (平成風俗 大吟醸; Japanese Manners PremiumShéna Ringö×Saito Neko
[2008.07.02] Watashi no Hatsuden (私の発電; My Power Generation
[2008.09.17] Zazen Xstasy (座禅エクスタシー) (Blu-ray)
[2009.03.11] Ringo EXPO 08 (Blu-ray)
[2009.08.26] Seiteki Healing ~Vol. IV~ (性的ヒーリング~其ノ四~; Sexual Healing ~Vol. IV~
[2013.11.13] The Sexual Healing Total Care Course 120min. (Blu-ray)
[2013.11.13] LiVE (Blu-ray BOX)
[2014.03.19] Tou Taikai Heisei 25-nen Kamiyama-chou Taikai (党大会 平成二十五年神山町大会; Kamiyama Der Parteitag 2013(Blu-ray)
[2015.03.18] Ringo Haku '14 -Toshionna no Gyakushuu- (林檎博'14 -年女の逆襲-; Ringo Expo '14 -Counterattack by the Woman of the Year-(Blu-ray)

[2001.03.13] Mayonaka wa Junketsu (真夜中は純潔; Chastity at Midnight)
[2003.05.27] Kalk Samen Kuri no Hana (加爾基 精液 栗ノ花; Kalk Samen Chestnut Flower)
[2007.04.25] Heisei Fuuzoku (平成風俗; Japanese MannersShéna Ringö×Saito Neko
[2008.11.25] Muzai Moratorium (無罪モラトリアム; Innocence Moratorium)
[2008.11.25] Shouso Strip (勝訴ストリップ; Winning Strip)
[2009.08.26] Saturday Night Gossip (サタデーナイト・ゴシップ)

Official EMI Music Japan site
Ringo Sheena Wikipage

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Apr 15 11 7:50 PM

Tokyo Jihen/Tokyo Incidents/Incidents Tokyo (東京事変)

Tokyo Incidents was ushered into existence through Ringo Shiina's Sugoroku Ecstasy Tour in 2003. The five musicians who played together on the tour officially began performing as Tokyo Incidents the following year. They debuted in 2004 with the single "Gunjou Biyori".  After a lineup change in 2005, the new incarnation of the band set about wreaking havoc once again in 2006. Their sophmore album "ADULT" debuted #1 on oricon weekly.  2010's "SPORTS" & 2011's "Dai-hakken" also topped the oricon weekly. They officially disbanded February 29th 2012.

Former Members
vocals: Ringo Shiina (椎名林檎) (2003-2012)
bass: Seiji Kameda (亀田誠治) (2003-2012)
drums: Toshiki Hata (刃田綴色) (2003-2012)
guitar: Ukigumo (浮雲) (2005-2012)
keyboard: Ichiyo Izawa (伊澤一葉) (2005-2012)
guitar: Mikio Hirama (昼海幹音) (2003-2005)
keyboard: HZM (H是都M) (2003-2005)


[2004.11.25] Kyoiku (教育; Education)
[2006.01.25] Otona (ADULT) (大人 (アダルト))
[2007.09.26] Goraku (VARIETY) (娯楽 (バラエティ))
[2010.02.24] SPORTS (スポーツ)
[2011.06.29] Dai-hakken (大発見; Discovery)

Other Albums
[2012.08.29] Shinya Waku (深夜枠; The Midnight Broadcasting) (B-side Best)
[2012.01.28] color bars (Mini-Album)
[2012.02.15] Tokyo Collection (東京コレクション) (Live Best)
[2013.02.27] Hard Disk (Box Set)

[2004.09.08] Gunjou Biyori (群青日和; Ideal Days for Ultramarine)
[2004.10.20] Sounan (遭難; A Distress)
[2005.11.02] Shuraba (修羅場; The Rat's-nest)
[2007.07.11] O.S.C.A.
[2007.08.22] Killer-tune (キラーチューン)
[2009.12.02] Noudouteki Sanpunkan (能動的三分間; 3min.)
[2011.05.11] Sora ga Natteiru/Onna no Ko Dare Demo (空が鳴っている/女の子は誰でも; Reverberation/Fly Me to Heaven)
Download Exclusive
[2010.07.21] Tengoku e Youkoso (天国へようこそ; Where's Heaven)
[2010.07.28] Dopa-mint! (ドーパミント!)

[2004.12.08] Tokyo Incidents Vol.1
[2005.07.13] Dynamite in
[2005.08.17] Dynamite out
[2006.03.23] ADULT VIDEO
[2006.09.06] Just Can't Help It.
[2007.11.21] Senkou Shoujo (閃光少女; Put Your Camera Down)
[2010.08.25] ULTRA C (ウルトラC) (Available in Blu-ray)
[2010.08.25] Spa & Treatment
[2011.09.21] CS Channel (Available in Blu-ray)
[2012.02.15] Discovery (Available in Blu-ray)
[2012.08.29] Chin Play Koh Play (珍プレー好プレー; bloopers and highlights) (Available in Blu-ray)
[2013.02.27] Golden Time (Available in Blu-ray)

[2004.11.25] Gunjou Biyori/Sounan (群青日和/遭難; Ideal Days for Ultramarine/A Distress)
[2006.03.23] "ADULT VIDEO" Original Sound Track
[2007.11.21] VARIETY Zokango (バラエティ 増刊号; VARIETY Special Edition)

Tokyo Incidents Official Website
Toshiba EMI Music site

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#2 post_url

Apr 16 11 12:33 PM

Any previews for Sora ga Natteiru yet? Title does suggest it might most likely be a slow alternative song along the line of Ariamaru tomi lols

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#5 post_url

Apr 17 11 5:58 PM

I've recently discovered her through her debut album.
I like her debut album a lot. Don't really know yet what to think of "Kalk Samen Kuri no Hana", I think it's a very original album though.

Really love Meisai, Marunouchi Sadistic and Koko de Kiss Shite.

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#6 post_url

Apr 17 11 6:29 PM

Her debut album might be my favourite! Kalk Samen Kuri no Hana is definitely more refined in terms of production and songwriting, but it's not nearly as catchy or easy to listen to, in my opinion. There are some great songs on there.

From her debut, Koko de Kiss Shite, Kabukichou no Jouou, Koufukuron, Marunouchi Sadistic, Tsumuki Asobi, Kouhaku and Morphine are my favourites < 3.

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#10 post_url

Apr 25 11 4:28 AM

My favourite Shiina album is definitely Shouso Strippu, probably because it was my first Shiina album. When I first got it I listened to it non-stop. I remember I didn't really like KSKH but loved her debut album. KDKH is a grower though, I love it now. I really recommend Shouso Strippu! Get that one if you can.

The new TJ songs are beautiful!

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#12 post_url

Apr 28 11 6:40 PM

Little bit of info on the covered song. 夜明けのうた (Yoake no Uta; Song of Daybreak) was first sung by Kyu Sakamoto for a TV dorama he starred in back in 1963. Youko Kishi's version in 1964 became a big hit.

Kyu Sakamoto's 1963 original

Youko Kishi's 1964 version

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#17 post_url

May 9 11 9:50 PM

I squealed inside when I saw the CDJapan email notification.
"Here, take my money... I have no use for it... I am not worthy!!!" 0b316f6cbb4e8597ca8989fcb471e33318513e23_r
...I'm not obsessed... E9016b63bb498b99cde139a855d3294f5539176d_r

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#20 post_url

May 11 11 4:19 PM

Two songs off the new single are great.
Sora ga Natteiru is an awesome rocker.

Which one of their albums would you guys recommend to start with?

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