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Jun 15 11 10:01 AM

Her official site has announced the release of Maaya's first photo book! Well, they say photobook but it's not in the idol-vein of photobook at all; a collection of photos, text and reports about her latest tour!

The book will be released on the 19th of October 2011. The title is 'Sakamoto Maaya 1st & Last Photobook “You can't catch me”‐ document 2011.3.5-6.15' and it will be 112 pages, according to the official announcement. Photos of back stage, on stage, in the studio as well as interviews and messages from Maaya will be amongst the content included.

Well, that was a surprise. I can't help but smile at the title though, 'first and last' i.e. don't expect any more

Official announcement

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Jun 30 11 2:30 PM

Hmm....being shut away in Seiyuu city doesn't seem to be healthy for this thread....anyway!

最新情報 今秋、アルバムリリース決定!!




Maaya's official homepage updated to announce that she will release a new album in autumn 2011 - rather exciting!!

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Posts: 375 ~moumoon's land~

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Jul 1 11 7:30 AM

Oh my... I was wondering where the kalafina thread disappeard and only then I discovered this sub-section...
Yeah, It's not exactly helping these artists there ^^;

Anyway a new album at the end of the year is a great news!!

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Jul 1 11 8:55 PM

new album! awesome
yeah I don't the sub-thread is helping. then again seiyuu city title isn't helping much. we did manage to make more suggestions like calling it ani-song city but the mods still haven't responded

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Jul 8 11 4:21 AM

Friday is hereeeeeeeeeeee (and I copied this from my blog - sorry!)

The new album to be released later in the year will be a concept album based around the key word winter. Following in the footsteps of easy listening and 30 Minutes Night Flight it will be all based around a single theme. Considering how great those two albums are I'm really looking forward to more news about this release being unveiled.

The second piece of news they announced this morning was a special concert being held in September in Gunma Prefecture's world heritage site, the Tomioka Silk Mill. It will be the 17th Sekai Isan Gekijou (World Heritage Theatre) which is an event which, according to it's official website, brings together Japan's history and heritage with popular artists for one-off concerts.

The concert will be held on Respect the Aged Day, September 19th 2011. As long as the weather holds out, apparently.

Tickets for the concert will go on sale August 7th. Interestingly there will be tickets available on the day according to Maaya's official homepage announcement about it all.


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Jul 14 11 12:20 PM

This week's big announcements:

- Concept album will be released on November 9th 2011
- It will be over seen by Kono Shin as sound producer
- Maaya will also be appearing in another 'recital' theatre production about Jeanne D'arc (at least the title is Jeanne de arc!)

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Jul 21 11 11:19 AM

This thread really needs some activity

Anyway!! From Maaya's official site. Two new updates:

- album will have nine songs, including collaborations with Rasmus Faber (DJ-cum-jazz pianist) and the singer song writer Frida Sundemo, who debuted under his producer-ship

- she's current on location in Ireland filming a short movie that will be included on the first press edition DVD

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Jul 24 11 6:07 PM

dillpops wrote:
- album will have nine songs
Meh, I was afraid this album would have less songs than usual since they mentioned 30 minutes flight and Easy listening as examples.
Anyway, I hope Kono Shin being the sound producer is a good sign. He did the sound production of Topia from You Can't Catch Me and it's one of my favorite songs from the album.

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Jul 30 11 1:48 PM

I'm glad that she lost her fear for live performances.Cfe360fd6c85b4ff44bd8c20945cc1911023de3c_r
I can't go to the shows but I hope they release it in dvd/blu-ray. I hope she sings Another grey day in the big blue world.
I wonder if they will release the You Can't Catch me tour in dvd...

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Aug 5 11 3:54 AM

luminaire wrote:
MUST GO. I missed her "You can't catch me" tour, and this might finally be the one time she performs "birds" live.

Come with me on the Saturday 18th *_*  let's do a Maaya meet up at last!!

Also, new Maaya song will be the opening theme song for Tamayura anime in October. Composed by Yumi Arai!!! It's titled 'Okaerinasai' - lyrics by Maaya

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Aug 7 11 10:13 AM

woot Maaya + Yumi Arai? epic collaboration~ I love her cover of Yasashisa and this new song is so worth looking forward

i wonder if this will be included in the new album or rls as a new single,

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