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Aug 30 15 8:45 PM

As nice as it is to get new material from Maaya, I think this one would've been better as a singles/rarities collection, given how 8 out of the 15 tracks are singles in one way or another. I don't believe she's ever had an album with this many singles - though that might be the norm for other artists, for Maaya her norm is just a few, or even none.
A "SINGER SONGWRITER" part 2 would've been better, if you ask me.

There'll be an album preview session on Saturday the 4th September, with a talk session starring Maaya herself. They'll be streaming the talk portion over at her official YouTube channel from 1420 JST.
They'll also announce the seventh instalment of her 20th anniversary project there - I'm guessing it'll be the live DVD/Blu-ray of her Saitama Super Arena live in April.

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Sep 21 15 11:30 AM

^good points on the amount of singles. She doesn't normally go for that But if its all part of the 20th anniversary project, maybe the approach to the whole thing is different than normal. Who knows?

The regular edition cover looks great. It just pops! And her long hair look reminds me of Lucy *swoons*

Did anyone catch the album preview session?

Previews are up on
Also, the tour dvd tracklist is out:

01.幸せについて私が知っている5つの方法 (Shiawase ni Tsuite....blablabla)
02.マジックナンバー (Magic Number)
03.スクラップ~別れの詩 (Scrap~Wakare no Uta)
04.ループ (Loop)
06.色彩 (Shikisai)
07.tune the rainbow
08.パイロット (Pilot)
09.指輪 (Yubiwa)
10.奇跡の海 (Kiseki no Umi)
11.Coming up
12.20th Anniversary Medley by菅野よう子(「夜明けのオクターブ」~「紅茶」~「バイク」~「光の中へ」~「everywhere」 ~「Gift」~「ユッカ」~「Rule~色褪せない日々」~「さいごの果実」~「Buddy」~「約束は いらない」) (Yoake no Octave - Koucha - Bike - Hikari no Naka e - everywhere - gift - Yukka - Rule~Iroasenau Hibi - Saigo no Kaijtsu - Buddy - Yakusoku wa Iranai)
13.約束はいらない <Special Guest:菅野よう子> (Yakusoku wa Iranai)
14.プラチナ <Special Guest:菅野よう子> (Platinum)
15.光あれ <Special Guest:菅野よう子> (Hikari Are)
16.トライアングラー (Triangler)
17.ヘミソフィア (Hemisphere)
18.レプリカ (Replica)
19.マメシバ (Mameshiba)
20.おかえりなさい (Okaerinasai)
21.風待ちジェット (Kazemachi Jet)
22.シンガーソングライター (Singer Song Writer)

23.約束はいらない <Special Guest:the band apart> (Yakusoku wa Iranai)
24.Be mine! <Special Guest:the band apart>
25.そのままでいいんだ <Special Guest:菅野よう子> (Sono Mama de Iinda)
26.Eternal return
27.これから (Kore Kara)
28.ポケットを空にして (Pocket o Karanishite)

Ok. Interesting. A couple of tracks I'm excited to see. But do we really need Yakusoku wa Iranai THREE TIMES?

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Apr 24 16 8:57 PM

Hasn't been announced on her official page formally, but it was mentioned on the last page of "sankyu! vol. 2", so ---

Live album of the "FOLLOW ME UP" tour to be released in summer. The recording was presumably made at the tour finale at Nakano Sun Plaza, though I hope they include "kuuki to hoshi" which she performed only in 2015. There were some handheld cameras too, so hopefully we'll get some footage as well.
It's been over two months since the tour ended, but I attended four of the concerts - wonderful tour, and shows just how much she has grown as a live performer over the last five years since she started touring regularly. Great setlist too, lots of oldies - I was surprised at how many songs from "Lucy" were featured.

EDIT: Officially announced at her HP, along with a new single, "Million Clouds", to be used as the theme song for the anime "amanchu!" starting from July.

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