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Apr 15 11 5:06 AM

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Name: Maaya Sakamoto
Birthdate: 31/3/1980
Birthplace: Tokyo
Bloodtype: A
Occupation: Singer, Voice actor, theatre actress
Favourite colour: Pink
Favourite Animal: Hamster
Favourite Music: OASIS, Bonnie Pink

Maaya Sakamoto is a singer/voice actress who hit fame with the role of Hitomi in the anime series 'Tekuu No Escaflowne' and with the soundtrack of the series, composed by Yoko Kanno. The opening for the show 'Yakusoku wa Iranai' has been a fan favourite since she performed it for the series at the age of 15. Maaya began acting at 8 with theatre roles and going on to foreign movie dubs. Her first animation voice role was with a series called "Little Twins" when she was 12 years old in 1992. Before that around the age of 8 Maaya appeared in the dub on NHK of "OUR HOUSE" and also had a role in the dub of "The Land Before Time"

Going on, she performed even more characters: for animes, radio dramas and Japanese dubs of films e.g 'Star Wars - Episode 1' (Amidala).

Her singing career is also going well, and for a long time she worked with the composer Yoko Kanno, who she is great friends with. Maaya has been quoted as saying that she views Kanno as a sister. Maaya has produced creative and original albums and singles which are loved by her fans and continues to work on original pieces and anime soundtracks.  Maaya has recently begun to produce her own music with others since moving away from Kanno in order to expand her music beginning with LOOP. She has been widening the range of people she works with while keeping it uniquely Maaya.

Maaya has handled many radio shows which have come and gone. Recently she is running her personal show Vitamin M and also a radio show about food "Key of Dish". Maaya also does the narration of a Planetarium show in Japan. Right now Maaya is also doing a weekly show available for podcast called 'Chizu to Tegami to Koi no Uta' which takes a word as a theme for the month and listeners mail in their stories for discussion on that theme.

'Chizu to Tegami to Koi no Uta' is also the name of Maaya's first lyrics and photobook with photos taken from her trip to Finland and containing Maaya's handpicked lyrics of songs she has sung that she felt she wanted to keep as a record. She has also written an essay book called 'I.D'.

Her official fanclub is IDS which stands for Idoling Stop.

In 2010 Maaya celebrated her 15th anniversary since her CD debut with the release of 'everywhere' a two disc best collection, a concert at the Budokan in Tokyo and a new original album called 'You Can't Catch Me'. With YCCM she achieved her first number one on the weekly album chart Oricon. Her second essay collection 'from everywhere' was released February 2011.

Links Official:

Official homepage:
Official fanclub:
Official Youtube Channel:

Links Unofficial:
Unofficial International Fanclub:
Log-in ID Maaya:
Nostalgic Lavender Maaya lyrics:
Maaya Sakamoto translation archive by Frecklegirl

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#6 post_url

May 2 11 11:54 AM

Yay, Maaya thread! Glad it was put up. I still haven't heard her most recent album. I couldn't afford to buy it at the time, but I can now. Next on the to buy list will be You Can't Catch Me. I have all her other "studio albums", should keep the trend going.

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#7 post_url

May 2 11 12:39 PM

The two "You can't catch me" tour additional performances that were supposed to be held at Tokyo International Forum Hall A on the 23rd and 24th April have been pushed back to the 3rd and 4th June respectively, as the aftershocks that followed March's 9.0 damaged some of the wiring within the hall.

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#10 post_url

May 21 11 4:23 AM

Very nice dill! Can't wait to read through it. ^_^

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#12 post_url

Jun 8 11 10:35 AM

All Maaya translations by deltafour, dilly, and me (as well as a few of the old translations by others dilly has archived) linked from one place, organized by tag!

Want to look at all the things (essays, interviews, etc) pertaining to one album or release? There you go. Want to look at all the translated IDS! newsletters we have so far among us? There you go. And so on...

Any questions, just ask me... hopefully this will be a good resource for everyone.

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#13 post_url

Jun 8 11 12:34 PM

dillpops wrote:
'Chizu to Tegami to Koi no Uta' is also the name of Maaya's first lyrics and photobook with photos taken from her trip to Finland

HUH? When did that happen?!

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#14 post_url

Jun 10 11 8:59 AM

Good work Frecklegirl!!

HUH? When did that happen?!
The photoshoot for 30 Minutes Night Flight was done in Finland (^^) they used the same trip to take photos for the lyrics book it must have been 2006 or 2007 if I remember correctly because 30 Minutes Night Flight was released during my year abroad = sticks in my memory.

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#15 post_url

Jun 10 11 10:00 AM

That blew my mind! I would have never even imagined that someone like Maaya Sakamoto herself would visit my homeland. I would love to see the photos. smiley: smile

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#17 post_url

Jun 10 11 3:01 PM

Thanks for the link. I like the photos - the one from Helsinki's famous railway station is particularly beautiful (9th one on the left).

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#19 post_url

Jun 10 11 8:24 PM

ahh.. i remember reading this awhile back..
that thing when maaya climbed the stairs at helsinki cathedral and found out the beautiful scenery from the top... it reminds me to a scene at my fave anime, Aria
Maaya is the typical nature lover... as expected from someone like her.. smiley: glasses

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