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Apr 15 11 3:46 AM

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"Valentine" out December 16th, 2015

01 Sweet Honey
02 Mary Jane
03 Teenage Blues
04 Take Me Home
05 Valentine
06 Say Goodbye
07 鳥になった男
08 Diamond
09 Save My Life
10 未成年




Golden Pink Arrow♂

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#3 post_url

Jul 15 11 11:40 PM

Could you send it to me? I guess it's the iTunes EP I have been looking for for years! it's not necesary to re-encode it, just sent it to me like that, please :3

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#7 post_url

Nov 9 11 2:56 PM

Great news!

According to cinra the album will have 12 tracks and it sounds like it will be acoustic or "Modern Classical" from what I can tell with online translators.

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#9 post_url

Nov 25 11 1:46 PM

I love ACO and Chara. looking forward to this new ACO.

BTW, it's awesome that you can purchase the new Chara EP (Utakara) in mp3 on's less than $7. I usually buy the physical copies of all her releases but $30 for an EP seemed too steep.

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#10 post_url

Nov 25 11 2:12 PM

If only Aco's older albums could be found on iTunes.

On another note, one thing I would love to see happen one day is a collaboration between Aco and Akino Arai.

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#13 post_url

Dec 17 11 5:02 PM

Got this preordered. Really looking forward to it. She already mastered the trip hop electronic thing years ago, so I'm anxious to hear more orchestral stuff from her.

BTW I have been looking all over for her DVD with her videos from "Material" and "Absolute Ego" called 2224. I know it is OOP but if anyone knows where I can order it please post info. I really lucked out last year and found her "Absolute Live" DVD through an seller.

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#15 post_url

Dec 18 11 11:59 PM

martzb wrote:

If you go through a Yahoo! Auctions middle man.

Thanks very much for posting, but the seller does not ship Internationally (I live in the US) and i don't have an Ebay Japan account anyway. I would love to just use Paypal and buy it from someone. The only seller that ships outside of Japan is selling for over 3,800 yen, and that's not even including shipping. I want it, but not enough to spend over $50-$60.

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#19 post_url

Jan 4 12 6:36 PM

1. Intro (0:06)
2. Showtime (3:22)
3. LUCK (3:15)
4. Holyman (4:06)
5. 正しい答え (2:32)
6. No (2:15)
7. 砂漠の夢 (4:46)
8. Say It (3:37)
9. Yes (2:37)
10. Innocent (3:58)
11. Lonely Boy (5:06)
12. Control (4:22)


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#20 post_url

Jan 4 12 8:22 PM

What a nice surprise! It sounds like an hibrid between material and devil hands smiley: eek I like this new sound, it's so classy but ACO's way!

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