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Jan 25 17 1:07 AM

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Hello everyone!
Nice to meet you!
I am a newbee here.
I am a big fan of JPOP from 10 years ago.
I searched and found out here.
But I am a little bit sad now.
Too calm here!
This is JPOP forum, right? But KPOP board has more postings!
There is no new postings on J-Pop discussion board!
Anybody say something please?

Anyway, most of my favorite singers are AVEX's.


Who is your favorite J-POP singers?
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I've been changing favourite artists since I started to love Jpop way back to 2005. Nowadays, I love Nishino Kana (I became a fan of her after Yuna Ito left the scene), Ohara Sakurako, Fujiwara Sakura. I also like very much Amuro Namie and MACO.

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