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Jan 19 17 1:25 AM

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CLC (씨엘씨; acronym of CrystaL Clear) is a Korean pop girl group formed by CUBE Entertainment. CLC is CUBE Entertainment's first multinational group, who debuted with 4 Korean members and 1 Thai member (Sorn) on March 19, 2015 with their first mini-album. In 2016, they added two new members for their third mini-album, Refresh.


Korean Discography
[2015.03.19] First Love
[2015.05.28] Question
[2016.02.29] Refresh
[2016.05.30] NU.CLEAR
[2017.01.17] CRYSTYLE

Digital singles
[2015.04.16] Eighteen
Japanese Discography
[2016.04.13] High Heels
[2016.07.27] チャミスマ (Chamisma)

Official KR website | Official JP website | Official KR Twitter | Official JP Twitter | Official YouTube | Description from generasia
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#2 post_url

Jan 19 17 8:47 PM

I always had my eye on them. I liked Pepe, but the last couple of songs were boring. I knew that Cube doesn't like how this group is performing.
I like the song. I don't like that they just made the girls act like 4minute. You can tell which parts were slotted for which member.
Hyuna's part is the first girl. Elkie, who looks amazing, is Gayoon. My girl Sorn got Jihyun's part. A lot of the members act like Hyuna.
I don't buy that Hyuna wrote lyrics for CLC. I think what happened is this was originally a 4minute song and at that point Hyuna wrote lyrics for it.
Then 4minute disbands and CLC gets the song. There should have been a way to transition CLC to this. What I see is CLC imitating 4minute members.

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#4 post_url

Jan 26 17 1:58 AM

Ok, really loving this song so much! I have heard about them but they never drew me in until this song, really obsessed with it. Apparently, the chorus is from a Korean nursery rhyme (like HyunA's chorus for Red) so I think thats why I like it. I dont know, for some reason, I love when a nursery rhyme is put into a song and made trappy or the like, its so fun!

Who's the main girl (the first girl in the screen before you hit play on the video for the performance one?) she looks like she's rolling when she does that but I love her the most lol

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#6 post_url

Apr 24 17 3:04 PM

Sorn has her own little web show:

Mostly in English. There are bits of Korean, Thai, and Mandarin sprinkled in.

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