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Apr 29 11 1:22 PM

Skip Beat
Kimi ni Todoke
Boku no hatsukoi wo kimi ni sasagu
Dengeki Daisy
Strobe Edge

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Apr 30 11 1:05 AM

D.Gray-Man is pretty much the only manga I've been keeping up with recently.
Excluding two WSJ series, Bleach and Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Besides that, nothing really.
As for finished reading, that'd be too many to list. Tongue02

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Apr 30 11 10:11 PM

Christi wrote:
Shaking and crying, other DGM fans *OOOOO*

I used to be very into it, now I'm more casual about it. However, it's still my favorite manga/anime to date. ♥

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May 1 11 11:46 AM

The Tale of the Child Pedlar
and I would love to continue with Peace Maker...but that might never get continued

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May 18 11 1:24 AM

i just bought a ton of tokyopop titles. that i know now will never be finished! what can i say? i bought 22 of them at 5 dollars each and then like 12 of them @ 3 dollars a each. im a sucker for a good deal

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May 22 11 6:44 PM

Kimi ni Todoke is still ongoing. I think the person meant it as a 'currently reading' manga.

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Aug 10 11 8:36 AM

Bakuman's getting worse IMO... Takeshi Obata art has taken a toll.. Could well be an artistic progression but to me it's a clear drop in quality...

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Aug 29 11 11:14 PM

I'm currently reading Happy Cafe and of course I would just start it because Borders is going out of business so I bought it because it was dirt cheap and fell in love. then I realize it's Tokyopop....and then I try to find volumer 5 on amazon T_T 40 dollars for a volume!! NOOOOO!!! Tokyopop needs to come back!

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Sep 5 11 5:03 PM

Finished Appare Jipangu! by Yuu Watase.
Reading Volume 3 of Liar Game.
Reading Volume 8 of Haruhi Suzumiya.
Reading Volume 2 of Kaichou wa no Maid-sama.

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Sep 25 11 3:06 PM

Reading Magi and re-reading Dorohedo. asdfjkl can't wait for the 16th volume to come out!! XDD
Also finished The Color of Earth (technically a manhwa). I adored the story and the art is absolutely beautiful.

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Sep 28 11 10:29 PM

GTO Shonan 14
Finished Kamen Teacher

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