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Apr 14 11 9:48 PM

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What manga are you currently reading or finished reading?

(Old JPM thread.)
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Apr 15 11 8:17 PM

I've got quite a few things on my reading list right now, both comic and novel wise. smiley: laugh

- "Adolf" (3 of 5 volumes)
- "Arisa" (15 chapters)
- "Ibitsu" (1 of 2 volumes)
- "Limit" (6 chapters)
- "The One" (67 chapters/9 volumes)
- "The Royal Hieroglyph" (22 chapters/6 volumes)
- "Youth Gone Wild" (8 of 14 volumes)

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Apr 16 11 12:40 AM

I'm currently reading...

- Hetalia
- Otomen
- Alice in the Country of Hearts
- Butteflies, Flowers
- Black Butler

I can't wait for the Sailor Moon reprints *_*

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Apr 18 11 6:35 PM

Right now I'm reading Higurashi, Ranma, Haruhi Suzumia and Bleach. Good stuff all around!!

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Apr 20 11 4:45 AM

These are the ones i am currently reading might miss out a few though, not going to include finish reading ._. cause it will be a little too long

One Piece
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Fairy Tail
Ao no Exorcist
The World God Only Knows
History Strongest Disciple Kenichi
Hunter X Hunter (On Hiatus now)
Detective Conan
Eden no Ori
Defense Devil

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Apr 21 11 9:15 AM

I need to continue Naoki Urasawa's 20th Century Boys. I bought volumes 6-10 ages ago but I just forgot about them although I've enjoyed the series all the way. Perhaps when summer break comes? 

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Apr 21 11 2:06 PM

Kirlia wrote:
I'm reading NANA at the moment Wonderful Manga <3

It's one of the only few manga series that I actually enjoyed reading.

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Apr 23 11 9:04 PM

I dropped Bleach after the end of the last arc so all I'm reading now is Claymore. I've been meaning to get back to Good Ending but too lazy to start up again.

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Apr 25 11 2:18 PM

I recently became pissed with Viz and some of their out of print manga. I had been reading Pretty Face and Naoki Urasawa's Monster and stopped for financial reasons. Now I want to come back to them, but some of the volumes are going to cost me 40-60$ each.

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Apr 28 11 6:14 PM

XInfiniteWorldX wrote:
I love you ♥ My favourite serie EVER ♥

I'm more into anime anyway, but today I bought Kuroshitsuji vol. 1 *O* I'm glad the anime design is so similar to the manga's.

I'm still waiting for my new D.Gray-man season. And any news about Katekyo Hitman Reborn anime?

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Apr 28 11 6:15 PM

apfel wrote:
^ same for me, I recently felt the urge to read Dragon Ball again.
Indeed. There's just a special something that always makes me go back to reading/watching Dragonball. lol

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