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Jun 26 16 4:39 PM

Yes, good job Moh.

To me the Wednesday Campanella music is a combo of House, Smooth Jazz, Rap, with a splash of kawaii.


The style also reminds me of the old Tomb Raider game fan remix music of Marcus Trogen.


Marcus Trogen Tomb Raider remix pieces






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Oct 13 16 10:20 PM

Their next release will be a digital single (iTunes/Apple Music) titled SUPERKID. It includes "Matsuo Basho" which is in the previous post. Cover is ugly so I won't bother.

01. Aladdin
02. Kamehameha Daiou
03. Matsuo Basho

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Posts: 2,657 Mohtorboat

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Oct 31 16 9:11 PM

SUPERKID is out. Track 2 is my favorite. Will do the lyrics once they're up on a page I can actually copy/paste from.

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Nov 1 16 10:49 AM

Suiyoubi no Campanella - Aladdin

Super Girl!

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Nov 1 16 11:34 AM

Wednesday Campanella's just been announced as one of the acts for next year's St Jerome's Laneway Festival here in Singapore in Jan!!! Bought my tix long time ago so am super stoked that I'll get to see her live

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Dec 11 16 11:35 AM

First full-length major album "SUPERMAN" to be released on February 8th, 2017!


1. アラジン (Aladdin)
2. 坂本龍馬 (Sakamoto Ryoma)
3. 一休さん (Ikkyu-san)
4. オニャンコポン (Onyankopon)
5. チンギス・ハン (Genghis Khan)
6. チャップリン (Charlie Chaplin)
7. オードリー (Audrey)
8. カメハメハ大王 (Kamehameha Daio)
9. 世阿弥 (Zeami)
10. アマノウズメ (Amanouzume)

It will be released in two versions; CD and USB. Well, that was quick, I hope they'll manage to be consistent. "SUPERKID" didn't hook me as much as "UMA" did.

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Posts: 2,657 Mohtorboat

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Dec 16 16 10:20 PM

The best song from SUPERKID got a video! And I feel like I was just on an acid trip!

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