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Jan 23 16 7:33 AM

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1. Trúc Nhân:

Song title: Vẽ (Drawing your life)

Song: Thật bất ngờ (what a surprise) - funny song

Singer: 365daband

Song: 2 cô tiên (2 fairy tale)

Song: Oh my love

Song: NO love no life

Song: Yêu không nghỉ phép 

I'm busy now, enjoy for now.

Thanks for viewing.
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#1 post_url

Jan 23 16 11:55 AM

Singer: Tóc tiên

The beat of celebration ft big daddy,justatee

Ngày mai (tomorrow)

Big girls don't cry


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Jan 23 16 12:21 PM

Singer: Thu Minh

Đừng yêu (don't love) 

Where did we go wrong - Thu Minh feat Thanh Bùi

Bay (flying) - remix

Yêu mình anh - Only you

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Jan 23 16 12:42 PM

Singer: Thanh Bùi

You and I

Và tôi đã yêu 

Lặng thầm một tình yêu (a silent admirer) -   damn, i'm a bad translator

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#5 post_url

Jan 23 16 12:58 PM

Tình yêu màu nắng (sunshine my love)
Singer: Đoàn Thúy Trang ft. Big Daddy 

Xin anh đừng (please don't)
Singer: Emily ft justatee

Singer: Tiên cookie (lyrics writer as well)

Singer & writer: Tien cookie

Tâm sự với người lạ (share thoughts with strangers) - again bad translation

Thời gian sẽ trả lời (Time will tell)
Tien cookie ft justatee, big daddy

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#6 post_url

Jan 23 16 1:25 PM

Singer & writer & producer: Nguyễn hải phong

Linh Hồn Và Thể Xác ( Body And The Soul )

Em Kể Anh NgheSinger: Linh phi
Writer: Nguyễn hải phong

Singer: Pak band

Street show

Song: Hồn vọng phu (Yearning wife soul) - a classic traditional song that is translated into rock
Singer: Unlimited Band.

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#8 post_url

Jan 29 16 10:15 AM

Singer: Mỹ Tâm
26 songs included

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