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Nov 13 12 2:02 AM

I heard it was crazy at the end.

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Nov 13 12 8:54 AM


Well they be amping they hype factor this time. That was... Good, now I was FFXIV is a standalone game instead, that would make me want to play the game. Did I see default hume wearing Monster Hunter costume lol?

EDIT: I wasn't drunk, but I may have been delirious >_> 

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Dec 19 12 10:36 PM


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Dec 22 12 7:16 AM

The bitch is back! Looking more ridiculous and try-hardish as ever. Looking at the trailer, the world seems as dead as before and somehow there is a transformation from a highly machinistic (in XIII) to a more medieval one. And o hay thar behemoths, still coming back for third round? Geez it seems they are going to rehash the same monsters again... Awesome.

Despite all the bitchin' I'm gonna get it when it comes out. Having finished XIII-2 might as well see it through to the end.

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Dec 30 12 9:29 PM

I played about 2 hr. of XIII-2. I guess I will try to play it again after I finish a few other games. If I don't like it, I will probably wait till XIII-3 is in the bargain bin or not buy it at all. When the heck is Versus 13 coming out? It has been literally over 3 years since I preordered it at smiley: laugh

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Dec 31 12 7:43 PM

lol I wonder how much progress they have actually made during the period of time between releasing XIII & XIII-2 (and now Lightning Returns). I'm not going to lie, I'm actually interested in some of these changes they made in the new game.

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Jan 20 13 11:48 PM

Started playing FF XIII-2 again, and I am liking it better than FFXIII especially not having to switch back and forth between characters in the beginning of the game.

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Feb 26 13 4:31 PM

Outgrow wrote:
The Yellow Brick Road wrote:
Ok-- Final Fantasy is officially fucking ridiculous.
^ why the sudden realisation?

Because almost 20 years ago when I played the early games I thought they had quite the potential and a large amount of uniqueness. It took me a while to realize how bland and repetitive modern Final Fantasy games are. I guess it can be said about any JRPGs and not just Final Fantasy though. I do say the FF franchise is the pinnacle of modern JRPG ass.

There are so many better games to waste your money and time on. smiley: pimp 

My opinion regarding many games changed once I started making games and getting more involved with the game industry and professional game developers. 

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Feb 27 13 5:13 PM

It totally is :/ I'm always suckered in by fabulous graphics and the promise of something special, but at the end of the day it never is anymore. It's sad when you are looking forward to a remaster of an old final fantasy rather than the new title. I still live in hope though~ I know I'm probably going to buy them all.

Check you out though you go get that gaming knowledge and experience gurlllll.

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Apr 17 13 7:17 PM

For the millionth time FFXIII Versus is announced as not being "cancelled" and we're still being told to wait for news regarding the game.

Lightning Returns is expecting a Third Quarter release, and we should be getting that 15th game's sneak peek sometime in 2014 soooo..... More delays in the nearing future?

Also I been watching the Spirits Within movie. It's really interesting to look at that film because graphically its quite amazing for its time. The story was meh.

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Jun 7 13 12:00 PM

Wow, Lightning battling Snow in the last seconds of the trailer. Can't wait!

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