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Apr 22 16 4:33 AM

Ooh, didn't expect to like Anata no Soba ni =) Although I think I would like it even more if it was solo. I don't have anything against Nakasone Izumi, but her voice doesn't do much to me.

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May 4 16 5:10 AM

PINK TEARS is much better than GREY SMOKE to me, although it's still not as great as her previous stuff. I like Trouble Love and Anata no Soba ni the most.

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May 15 16 4:17 AM

I am so disappointed with PINK TEARS. I expected a better mini album is so weak and it sounds all the time the same for me..... -___-

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May 16 16 8:58 PM

I bought SMOKE & TEARS so can't really differentiate the two works, but I love the album as a whole. The electronic/urban tracks are my favourite, so nice and smoothly produced *_* Like Trouble Love, Heartbreaker, Pink Tears...

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May 18 16 9:58 AM

SMOKE & TEARS is actually a pretty decent album. It's true that when you listen to PINK TEARS, there's the middle section where every song blends in very well with each other but that is fixed in SMOKE & TEARS. It's a strong package.

I'm just disappointed they didn't include the acoustic version of "stay" in it. :/

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Aug 3 16 6:11 PM

I've been catching up on her material from the past couple of years and I have to say I'm really enjoying it a lot! Looks like her label is letting her release whatever she wants since her music before 2014 was samey samey for the most part and it was still flopping so there was no point in them for making her do whatever they want anymore. Her newer image feels like she's a few years behind Miliyah though lol. But I'm cool with that and don't mind.

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Jan 7 17 11:57 AM

Nice, she got a tie-in. "My Only Lover" begins her celebration of her 10th anniversary in the industry.

It will be released digitally on February 8th (with an early release on LINE and Recochoku on 01/18). FYI, Meteorite is the name of the product they're advertising.

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May 11 17 2:14 PM

So this came out of nowhere

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