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Jun 29 14 11:59 PM

ehhh I'll wait for the rest of the album to judge. I really don't like this.

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Jul 25 14 6:24 AM

SMILE AGAIN song and PV are so nice even though I'm still not convinced of her "rapping" abilities

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Aug 8 14 3:23 PM

Surprised no one wrote about the album. I missed Thelma so much! The album is good, half of the songs are great for me. TOKEYO, Take It Slow and Lonely Angel are probably the best. And she's such a troll to include a cover of Pharrell's HAPPY. Couldn't listen to SMILE AGAIN, corrupted file -____-

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Aug 8 14 5:08 PM

It's a very solid record. I think it's her best album, and the most cohesive. No more Soba ni iru ne clones, a great step up! The piano ballads are really nice, this album was a big step up in her music.

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Aug 13 14 5:41 AM

I just noticed that Thelma has 4 songs with "angel" in the title, lol. (Fallen Angel, MY ANGEL, My Little Angel, Lonely Angel)

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Aug 24 14 7:39 PM

Wow. So I downloaded the album to see whether it was worth purchasing or not (thought it could go either way after TOKEYO - either amazing or horrid) and I have to say, it's her best yet. She's really out done herself this time. Shame it only reached #183 and was probably the final piece of her contract, but meh she's put out a quality record after no singles and having to release bests three years in a row.. so good on her.

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Sep 6 14 12:49 PM

It was to be expected. I don't even know why got a video lol. TBH, I really don't like her rendition of "Happy" but as others have said, Lonely Angel is her best album to date. It flows really well and the tracks are well produced compared to some of the filler tracks from WILL. And of course, she sounds amazing. 

It's been a while since I saw her singing live and the video wasn't posted here before so I just thought I'd share:

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Sep 6 14 4:28 PM

^ The backing track was so loud, geez, koreans.

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