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Apr 14 11 9:33 PM

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Tiffny wrote:
JPM'S Official Thelma Aoyama ~  Thread                                                                                                     

Profile(translation credit:verbalsaikou)
Born on October 27, 1987; 19 years old.
Blood type: B. Born in Naraken.
When she was only 3 years old, it's said that she was captivated by Janet Jackson's PV "Rhythm Nation" and kept watching until the video ended.
She went to Oosaka international school until the 6th grade, and from when she was 10 years old realized the excitement of singing and began to learn gospel.

When she was 12 years old, her family and her moved to LA.
In the winter of 2002, her family was moved to Tokyo, and while attending Choufu American School continued to strengthen her voice with vocal training.
Nowdays, while going to college, she's collaborated with artists like Douji-T, DS455, and Sphere of influence, becoming more and more accredited.
Gaurding her cute looks, and controlling her fine but powerful, emotionally charged voice, her R&B singer solo debut has been set for Fall of 2007!

i recommend her if you like May J, Miliyah, and Crystal Kay. ^_^


『ONE WAY』 2007/9/5 発売予定![/color]



Featurings (PVs)
DS455 - SUMMER PARADISE feat. Thelma Aoyama
SoulJa - ここにいるよ feat.青山テルマ
青山テルマ feat.Soulja - そばにいるね

Special Comments
Thelma Aoyama (青山テルマ) TALK #1

---streaming video creds: controlle
--thanks to Kingt731 for the addy to Thelma's blog

****Original Thread owner (or maxx_on) please let me know if you still want the thread*****

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#1 post_url

Apr 15 11 7:15 AM

So she has a new single planned? With Zutto's relative success (especially when compared to her previous flops) I'd have expected them to release an album now... Oh well, as long as the song is nice I won't complain.

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#2 post_url

Apr 15 11 12:34 PM

I don't know what to expect from her collab with 4minute, they are so diferent, hope it don't get too kpoppish with vocoder and those kind of stuff

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#3 post_url

Apr 16 11 11:49 AM

If it sounds as good as her collaboration with Tayeang it's OK. It should be a dance-pop song, she needs to stop with her ballads for a while. I'd love to see her singing something like Hot Issue.

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#8 post_url

Apr 20 11 10:10 AM





01. Intro
02. WITHOUT U feat. 4Minute
03. Fallen Angel
04. my sweetest sin
05. WITHOUT U feat. 4Minute (Instrumental)

thelma is also releasing an album throughout asia
Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea - May 6th
Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia - May 3rd

アジアリリース・アルバム『LOVE STORY』
1. Intro
2. WITHOUT U feat. 4Minute(English Ver.)
3. Fallen Angel(English Ver.)
4. my sweetest sin
5. そばにいるね / 青山テルマ feat. SoulJa
6. Secret Life / Aisa [Da Mouth] feat. Thelma Aoyama
7. WITHOUT U feat. 4Minute(Instrumental)

8. ずっと。

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#10 post_url

Apr 20 11 4:26 PM

Are these really the covers? o.o Omg..not really impressed. They look so empty and boring.
But I'm excited to hear this single,especially "WITHOUT U".

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#11 post_url

Apr 20 11 6:11 PM

Not really liking the covers. She looks so.... lifeless. Korean producers are producing the b-sides, and 4Minute's music is really kinda tragic with the over use of autotune. Not really looking forward to this single.

Been wanting to hear the duet with Aisa but was too lazy.. The English versions sound interesting though.

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#13 post_url

Apr 21 11 12:38 AM

seriouscatface1 wrote:
what boring covers :S
I love Zutto, but this single seems to be a step down

Soba ni iru ne is in the album lol

The minute I saw that, I was just like... REALLY
Now they are going to attempt to milk that song abroad. dang girl.

Anyways I think she looks good on the covers, but its of course not anything special looking. I say it maybe time for another BEST album.

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#15 post_url

Apr 21 11 10:37 AM

The covers reminds me of Utada's First Love, but it isn't that bad.

Well, I'm interested in this Asian mini-album, I'm curious to see her into the K-pop sound.

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Posts: 469 「囁いた言葉」

#17 post_url

Apr 22 11 6:26 PM

They're milking that song for more than it's worth. D:

Bigger Covers:



Somehow it won't let me added the thumbnail of the regular one.

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#20 post_url

Apr 30 11 10:40 AM

Why didn't she just add another model on her cover.....definitely helped the sales last single :/

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