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Apr 24 11 11:37 PM

Mortal Kombat
My team - Mileena and Raiden

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Apr 26 11 4:47 PM

Tomb Raider II

I havn't played this game for at least 10 years and I cannot believe that I still remember all of the locations of the secret dragon statues in each level.

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Apr 30 11 1:31 PM

Just beat Crysis 2, pretty cool game, but not dieing to replay it like alot of reviews said lol.

Played about 30mins of Portal 2 and found myself craving more so thats going to be one of my next games. Want to beat the first one now though just to do it since I played like 2 hours into that lol.

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May 1 11 3:53 PM

I'm actually playing Lego Indiana Jones. Trying to get each little Lego piece to complete each level is addicting. It's also extremely easy. I was playing Lost Odyssey but the fourth disc won't play. It's the one that was in the sleeve so maybe there are some scratches I'm not seeing.

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May 2 11 4:56 PM

Dynasty Warriors 5 [PS2]
Samurai Warriors 2 [PS2]

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May 4 11 3:11 AM

SoulCalibur IV
Dynasty Warriors 7

As usual I spend most of the time customizing the characters in SC, not fighting. lmao

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May 7 11 11:45 PM

Just started The Witcher... again.

I never really made it far the first time round and I hope I can finish it before the 17th in time for the second game.

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May 9 11 1:00 AM

Still playing Clash of Heroes - the puzzles are like crack. Shame about the tedious load times!

Started Enslaved the other day, but I don't know if I'll have the time/patience to stick with it at this point.

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