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Apr 19 11 2:02 AM

Just started Green Day Rock Band and Fable 3, and still playing Kingdom Hearts: BBS.

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JPC Admin

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Apr 19 11 10:32 PM

MvC3 still

Finding a lot of characters favorable
I think, mostly all of them.

I refuse to play Wesker and Sentinel though. Just because they're so easy and a b!tch to play against.
Stupid Samurai Edge, infinite piece of spit Sentinel's just way too powerful-itious

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Apr 20 11 9:10 PM

Like much of the internet at large, I'm also making my way through Portal 2 right now.

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Apr 24 11 8:29 PM

On my DSi > Pokémon Yellow (GB Emulator)

On my laptop > The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time (Project64 Emulator)

Dunno, feeling a bit nostalgic nowadays... AND LOVE IT!

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