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Aug 11 12 2:44 AM

I'm playing Monster Hunter Tri... can't get enought of it, is just so addictive... the online playing brings me back to it everyday, i wanna know about that slender game... (slender man? duh), can anybody tell me something about it, i'm not searching for it, i'm laaaazy

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Aug 17 12 1:41 AM

FokinRG wrote:
I'm playing Monster Hunter Tri... can't get enought of it, is just so addictive... the online playing brings me back to it everyday, i wanna know about that slender game... (slender man? duh), can anybody tell me something about it, i'm not searching for it, i'm laaaazy

It's about finding 8 reports in the middle of a dark forest, with every docu found you will notice that the Slenderman (tall man with black smoking and no face and long arms) following you. If he gets you, game over. Sounds dumb, but a really scary game. In other words: Blair Witch meets Men In Black. Free game.

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Aug 18 12 7:35 PM

Hey guys, I'm sorry if this ends up being a long-winded post, but I need your opinions on some things.
I've been browsing the PSP store lately, looking for some games to play in the next year (I'll be abroad for an entire year and I probably won't have any broadband internet available).

I already have the entire FF collection for PSP (1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9) and some random games like the original Resident Evil and Crash Bandicoot. I'm a sucker for traditional RPGs, horror games and 'only in Japan' games (most of you will know what I'm talking about: ATLUS, LEVEL-5, ...).

Some things in the PSP store that caught my attention:
- God Eater Burst and Monster Hunter Freedom (never played either of them, are they relatable? which one do you prefer?)
- Ys I & II Chronicles, Ys Seven (never played Ys games, any relatable RPGs? I like the Star Ocean series)
- Persona series (played some Shin Megami Tensei games on PS2, my favourite has to be Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army)

I really have no clue as of where to start. What would you recommend? Other recommendations are also welcome of course.

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Aug 20 12 1:01 PM

^ I don't know if you've tried it but i'm playing Legend of Heroes: Trails to the Sky for PSP and it's awesome! You should give it a shot if you haven't!

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Aug 21 12 5:07 PM

Thanks for the tip rhorewyn. I've seen Trails in the Sky in the PSP library and it most certainly caught my eye, but I somehow find the price of 29,90 euros a bit too steep. I think I'll wait for the game to drop 5 - 10 euros. But it's good to know, it'll be the first game I'll purchase when the price drops.

EDIT: THERE IS A GOD! Trails in the Sky, Persona 2 AND Persona 3 are part of this week's summer deals and the discounts are HUGE.

Last Edited By: michyeosseo Aug 21 12 6:45 PM. Edited 1 time.

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Aug 28 12 9:28 AM

Dark Souls Prepare to Die edition. Played through the PS3 version last year so now im just cheating my way though this version for fun. Still a great game with some really freaking annoying bosses. Have not found the new areas yet though. Accidently killed on of my blacksmiths too lol, freaking skeleton wheel things bunched up on him and got him dead.

Also wasting more time on Diablo 3. The new patch basically made my Witch Doctor awesomely different to play now that pets are useable past the first difficulty. A good game to waste some time on between classes/TTT2 release dates.

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Sep 18 12 4:42 PM

replaying FF7 for the millionth time evurrr...

it's okay. I personally think I might like Lightning a bit more than Cloud now. Cloud is kinda an asshole -___-

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Sep 19 12 2:20 PM

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

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Sep 20 12 1:08 AM

Playstation 3- Tekken Tag Tournament 2
3DS- Tales of the Abyss (Enjoyed Symphonia back in 2004, but I haven't played this one, and since I've recently got a 3DS,  I've decided to give this one a shot.)
DS- Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (I've already completed all the Ace Attorney series, but with the recent annoucement of AA5, I've been replaying the games over again.)

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Sep 21 12 11:02 AM

TTT2 and Borderlands 2. Was also trying to finish the platinum in Warriors Orochi 3, would be my first one lol. Only a few more things to do !

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Sep 22 12 9:12 AM

Tekken Tag 2 - I lose way more than I win, but it's still fun, heh.

I still haven't started Jet Set Radio HD or Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time. I'll probably start those soon.

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Sep 22 12 9:19 AM

TTT2 as well

PSN: shafropuff

do add me I kinda deleted everyone... might as well get some JPC games going and maybe even a WTF JPC group... but I'm waaay to lazy for that...

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Sep 29 12 4:55 AM

Resident Evil 6, I finished the Chris/Piers and Sherry/Jake campaigns, and for now I am desapointed. Not a bad game but... Really not up to his name. It's Resident Evil Six dammit, not a lamba Third Person Shooter. I have to admit though, this sixth episode try new things where RE5 was, most of the time, just picking scenes from RE4. The problem is, it's rarely excellent (but yeah, it is sometimes and somes scenes are really really good, too bad they're too shy °3° )

I'm definitely not against having a lot of action but, make it structurated at least, don't just throw waves of lambda ennemies at us, that's not a seal of quality, Capcom...

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Sep 29 12 7:11 AM

^ the latest REAL resident evil games were the REmake for GC/Wii and Resident evil:Zero . They should have kept this re-creation with OLD but SUCCESFULL CONCEPTS.
I played with RE4, and 5, won't even try OperationRaccoon, and I think RE6 won't run on my PC.

I want my rendered backgrounds, interactive enviorments, my item-box, the classy typewriters, the 6542457 type on unlockable modes etc.

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Sep 29 12 9:00 AM

I personnally think it's a good thing the franchise took that direction with RE4 (I love the old RE games though, the remake of the first one is probably my favorite of all). RE 4 and Revelations are good games and good Resident Evil to me. We can feel some passion in it. RE5 is clearly a lazy game. Not bad, but yeah, I think lazy is the apropriate term.

RE6 is not lazy, but more something like: "Can't wait to make money, let's get this game finished as soon as possible". There are really good ideas in it, but they clearly rushed to make the game. I really like what they did with the gameplay, and I think if they would have just limited ammos (and with that, adjusted the locations and numbers of ennemies), kept manual save spots and took the time to build a single strong environnement instead of a succession of relatively good looking panoramas, the "new era" games would have been much much better.

Last Edited By: Bakamaru Sep 29 12 9:02 AM. Edited 1 time.

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Sep 29 12 12:21 PM

I hate the new era of RE, for me, they slowly steer away from the originality of it starting from RE4, its too action-filled now, like its taken the genre from the movies. Whatever happened to "survival horror" and scaring the shit out of me?

This game is starting to turn into another Final Fantasy/Parasite Eve: was never broken but the companies felt the need to change it dramatically.

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Sep 30 12 7:22 AM

Well, still on RE6, I just finished the second chapter with Leon and Helena, and I gotta say this is much better. Sometimes it really feels like Resident Evil 2 or 3, the atmosphere is very similar. So that's a really good thing but... the exploration/puzzle solving is still missing. And for now that's the only bad point of this campaign to me.

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