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Nov 9 13 2:55 AM

RicH wrote:
^ yes, the "TEKITO Lover" -one.

Whoa!! I loved her!!! I think it's pretty cool she is still involved in the music I listen to smiley: smile

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Nov 12 13 3:51 PM

歌手・安室奈美恵の未発表曲「TSUKI」(2014年冬発売予定)が、関ジャニ∞・锦戸亮と女优・北川景子主演の映画『抱きしめたい -真実の物语-』(2014年2月1日公开)の主题歌に决定した!

It's a ballad, just listened to it from TV.
TSUKI = moon

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Nov 12 13 6:54 PM

That is so cool that Namie's song is going to be the theme in a Keiko Kitagawa movie that is the second connection to Sailor Moon the first of course is that they debuted in the same year 1992.

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Nov 12 13 9:55 PM

^I think so too -- looking forward to the new song - from the LQ preview - it kinda reminds me of her earlier ballads -- I will etc. Love the song name too 

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Nov 12 13 10:55 PM

TSUKI will be releasing as a single, according to the mail I just got from FanSpace.

安室奈美恵のNew Single「TSUKI」(2014年冬発売決定)が、2014年2月1日・全国東宝系で公開となる、

New Single「TSUKI」は映画をイメージして書き下ろされた安室奈美恵の情緒あふれるミディアムスローナンバーとなっており、大切な人を月のようにそっと優しく包み込むようなスローナンバー。

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Nov 12 13 11:41 PM

LOL I just realized "tsuki" means moon and it makes a lot of sense since that song by ayaka is mikazuki (tsuki?) meaning crescent moon.


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Nov 13 13 4:32 AM

So far only one a-side? I didn't think it was possible to go back to a single with only one a-side at this point.

Song sounds good, but it's too low quality to tell for sure.

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Nov 13 13 5:41 AM

lol it sounds horrible to me tbh lol due to the lq i guess!

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