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Jun 28 15 6:30 PM

JEWELian wrote:
She doesn't sing it.

The INTRODUCTION ~WALK OF MY LIFE~ is a dance medley with her dancers and Kuu at the start/end and they use Interlude ~Dance~ in it as well.
*pout* dammit

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Posts: 348 Rose In The Ghetto

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Jun 29 15 5:32 AM

I couldn't stop laughing when she was spinning in the air. I was full on expecting a 'FOOORrR UUUuuUUuuuUUuuuU'

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Jun 29 15 5:35 AM

^That's the raw vocal feed which is unedited. Kuu was crying and had been singing and dancing all night, especially the first half of the show, it's enough to wear anyone's voice out.

Corvina wrote:
Ok, back from the concert. Actually just wrote a quick, but longet review for AHS.... don't want to copy and paste as there are a lots of typos and mistakes in it, I'm just tired xD

Just the short... It was fucking amazing!
Seen Japonesque live as well, but I like this one better. Just two ballads in the main setlist, high energy from start to finish. Just insanely fun.
Great stage set up, three big LEDs and somr smaller in between. Lots of lights. Just looked great.

She showed PV snippets of both new PVs.
Ex Tape and Hurricane are connected somehow. Ex Tape is bright, mainly white, and Hurricane dark, mainly black. Both are dance PVs.
And she performed Hurricane in full. It's great. Pretty heavy dance routine. That's probably the reason she lipsynched it, lol.
But it was the only one not live.

I'm really looking forward to the broadcast!

Glad you enjoyed it I actually prefer JAPONESQUE Tour to this, but I was exhausted and in a bad mood the weekend I saw WALK OF MY LIFE Tour in Osaka. I'm really excited to see the DVD though, because I enjoyed Bon Voyage much more on DVD than in person (though it was the opposite for JAPONESQUE...). The show is a great show though but it felt like it was lacking something. The stage needed more of a design to it and the outfit towards the end got a bit tiring.

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Jun 29 15 6:41 AM

wasnt she wearing any wigs this time around?! that would be the first time!
im excited to see the blu ray, i enjoyed japonesque and bon voyage tour a lot!
hurricane seems interesting and the spinning thing reminded me of pinks glitter in the air, which i loved - its understanding that you cant sing amazing while spinning and doing acrobatics so its fine! She always delivers

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Jun 29 15 6:58 AM

I'll live my judgement until I see the full thing, so far it looks okay.

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