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Jun 28 15 10:14 AM

No, that's a terrible name. Ugh. If that's the case, then each "X" should represent a song. Maybe a bonus track of some sorts. 

I'm secretly hoping they just kept the name of the mini-album hidden.

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Posts: 259 Japan doesn't care, but I do! 

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Jun 28 15 10:57 AM

^ I agreed. IT IS A TERRIBLE ALBUM TITLE! Whether or not she named that because there is a special meaning or whatsoever... she should just titled it as Summer Diary!!

junshen wrote:
Back from her concert, her new mini album titled 
「SiXXXXXX」announced during the show
Whats your comments about Sayonara pv?

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Posts: 375 ~moumoon's land~

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Jun 28 15 12:08 PM

SiXXXXXX ? What kind of title is that ? ^^"
Well, I'm all for good music, but a nice title is a plus too... :/
Hoping for great covers at least!

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Jun 29 15 8:15 AM

Sigh, was hoping for something more creative. It is her sixth mini album so she called it sixxxxxx? Her previous mini album was five, so I guess it follows that pattern

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Jun 29 15 9:38 AM


I found "What is forever love" to be the weakest DAISHI DANCE collaboration ever since I followed him. I hope "Sayonara" is better considering she actually met him and asked for another collaboration this time.

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