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Apr 23 15 6:21 AM

Japan is among the safest places in the world. This whole thing is ridiculous but well. And what are some celebrities gonna change about the few crimes that happen? Maybe they could do a campaign about how it is not nice to take someone else's umbrella (yeah that's the only thing that gets stolen) ooor that drunk people should not mistakenly take the wrong bicycle to get home?
Sorry, maybe I am a cynical person, but this is soo bullshit and a stupid public campaign to say "yeah we do our best to reduce crime..."...comes right after their hello kitty embassador....

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Apr 27 15 4:42 PM

Finally my A One thoughts:

A Bell- nice intro, sort of reminds me of Prologue
Warning - I actually love the transition between A Bell and Warning. It's nice to have another upbeat rock song!
No Future - I love the beeps and electronic vibes on this song. At first I wondered if I actually thought if it was too long (which is rare for me) but it's grown on me!  Also reminds me of ASFXX (album)
Anything For You - Repeating what everyone else has said but it really doesn't feel 7 minutes long. It's a nice comforting Ayumi track you can just play and "settle into"
Last Minute - still enjoying this, it's all about when those guitars kick in
Zutto - I really like the music on this one. It's not one of my favourites but there is something about this song. It always gets stuck in my head
Out of Control - love the guitars and electronic (?) bits
Story - think this one is a grower
The Gift - It's alright, could potentially grow on me some more
The Show Must Go On - my favourite track of the album! Yes it sounds a lot like Snowy Kiss but I love that song too!
Walk - really like the melody in the verses, another sweet, comforting Ayu track
Movin' on Without You - I know a lot of people wanted Walk to be the last track, but I think this rounds off things well. XOXO was enjoyable enough but it wasn't exciting me for any other RedOne tracks. This is a definite improvement.

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Apr 29 15 4:54 AM

i got a CD-only, and without any exposure to the single and song previews, listened to the album a few times too. the intro Bell sounds like the beginning of a mellow section, but is not the case. i don't find anything disappointing or off-the-wall with AONE, it's consistent like LoveAgain. AONE lacks the surprise hits XOXO, Angel. but AONE also doesn't have lows like HelloNewMe and Terminal. Anyway the song that grab my attention when i first played the disc is .... Walk, probably my favouritest song of AONE. and i have not watched any PV from this album. how interesting they can produce SnowyKiss-episode2 lol...

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May 14 15 10:02 AM

A ONE is at 47k and Colours ended with 53k. This is a small drop compared to previous drops. Was A ONE a success or has her fanbase stabilized?

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May 15 15 6:46 AM

DeepFried wrote:
A ONE is at 47k and Colours ended with 53k. This is a small drop compared to previous drops. Was A ONE a success or has her fanbase stabilized?
I think it was a smart move to return to her classic style without experiencing too much ^^; I hope that, from now on, she doesn't lose other fans.

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Jun 6 15 1:10 PM

redone is producing for her? damn I wanna hear that haha

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Jun 7 15 11:00 AM

To be even more precise, both "XOXO" and "Movin' on without you" were from RedOne's team and not himself. However, "Movin' on without you" is everything that Colours should have been and I hope the same spirit is kept for the mini-album.

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Jun 7 15 11:27 AM

Okay so before I say anything about today or yesterday's concert I need to start with...

KODA KUMI was there tonight in the VIPしか入れないarea (pun intended) with her kid! And a nanny maybe. They left after the main show. Her kid had to go out during (miss)understood (probably due to ayu's shouting lol). But ffs I was staring at her so much I couldn't help it. She sat there all night and didn't participate in the concert but meh. I was gonna wave at her, but anyway I digress. Kuu was last weekend, this weekend was all about ayu!

Anyway so tonight I had arena A3 seats- first time so close and first time buying tickets myself. Thanks TA! Last night was C3 so not bad but not as close as tonight. It was so nice to finally see ayu up close with my own eyes finally.

The show is almost too long, I was so exhausted both nights, so props to ayu for maintaining form and her voice. Vocally she was as good as last year's CDL and as good as I've seen her. Probably my favourite show of hers alongside HOTEL Love songs arena tour.

Visually it's more complete than CDL but some interlude videos would have been nice. It's probably a great concert for first time ayu goers to see because of the amount of songs and energy, but having seen the Cirque de Minuit CDL as well it wasn't as 'amazing' for me, but still a really great show. What are the chances though, both times I did the CDL and then consecutive ARENA TOUR and they were the same (HOTEL Love songs + Cirque de Minuit).

I loved the rare songs she sang- especially (miss)understood, Secret, and HAPPY ENDING. immature was not that great a performance and the elephant is pretty useless.

Gomi was also there in the audience tonight but on the front row, he hid himself in Boys & Girls when he was shown on the screen.

WARNING was probably my favourite performance of the night, followed by Secret or until that Day.... forgiveness wasn't as great without the countdown in it, I think she should have left that song out of the setlist.

She acknowledged in the MC tonight that tonight was the last show with the current setlist, will be interesting to see what she does for the "final". They're really desperate to sell tickets, they had posters and signs everywhere for the concerts in Yokohama and were giving out leaflets, as well as had booths set up so you could buy tickets to it. Never seen that before at one of her shows. Kind of bummed they added the concerts again knowing how good my seat was tonight, but what can you do! Next year maybe. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing what she does with "the final" - though I'll have to wait a while to see it, I'm off the grid in Alaska when it airs.

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Jun 8 15 9:44 AM

Thanks for the report JEWELian!
It's great to hear that she's still on par with last year's CDL vocally. I hope we'll get more A ONE songs performed instead for the final.

EDIT: Cirque de Minuit will be broadcast on WOWOW in the second half of August.

Last Edited By: DeepFried Jun 8 15 9:47 AM. Edited 1 time.

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Jun 8 15 7:04 PM

「Step by step」が7月1日にデジタルシングルとしてリリース!mora等ハイレゾ配信サイトでは、「Step by step」のハイレゾVer.に加え、夏の代表曲「July 1st」のハイレゾVer.を初公開します!  


crying internally because of how nice the cover is, would have been so nice as a set for the upcoming mini album

Last Edited By: Skarsgard Jun 8 15 7:06 PM. Edited 1 time.

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Jun 8 15 7:57 PM

Was pretty sure it was from A ONE, but can't say I wouldn't mind a continuation of A ONE images, I love that shoot  image

Hoping for good covers for the mini album, seeing what they come up with is always my favorite part (since i end up loving anything ayumi throws out anyway) 

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Jun 8 15 9:37 PM

I just want to see some nice colors on an Ayu cover. It feels like we've been getting different shades of beige only.

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