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Aug 19 11 3:55 AM

I saw the Japan Times mention "we don't even want to count KARA as a K-Pop act anymore, since their transformation to AKB48-clone seems to be complete, both image-wise and music-wise".

While I don't agree 100% with everything they said in there, it is definitely true that they've gotten rid of most of their K-Pop style. Ah well.

New Certifications!

Jet Coaster Love is now Platinum for Chaku Uta Full (was Gold), which, combined with its Gold for PC, makes for a total of over 350,000 downloads.

Go Go Summer is now Gold for Chaku Uta Full! These are July certifications, so figures should be going up ; )

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Aug 19 11 5:59 AM

^ That's not that weird. Arashi also released Dear Snow in October and you see more seasonal songs being released before the actual season : P

Besides, despite the fact winter doesn't start until December 22nd, I guess plenty of people already see all of December as Winter... or a snowy season. Plus "Autumn Magic" or "Fall Magic" hardly sounds appealing : P

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Aug 19 11 6:13 AM


haha, you're right

But I'm pretty sure Winter Magic won't be released in Korea (doesn't sound like a Korean thing/song) so that's a good thing

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Aug 19 11 8:11 AM

noyou wrote:
But it's gonna be released in October, why is it called 'Winter Magic'? lol wtf

Because its longevity throughout the winter season will be like "magic".

K, I better stop there...

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Aug 19 11 10:18 AM

Please go back to Mister and Jumping, Jet Coaster Love was BORING and GO GO Summer! was good but not as good as the first two..

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Aug 19 11 4:04 PM

another jumping is what they should be aiming for imo. it was the perfect fusion between their K-Pop style and classic j-pop/eurobeat. their 2011 singles are good but just TOO J-Pop imo, they need to keep that k-pop edge.

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Aug 20 11 7:03 AM

In terms of style, I agree.

From a company's point of view, never.

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Aug 25 11 4:29 AM


01. EY! OH! (INTRO)
02. STEP
05. 따라와 (ttarawa; follow me)
07. 나는.. (ING) (ACOUSTIC VER.) (naneun; I am)
08. KARA 4 U (OUTRO)
09. STEP (INST.)
10. 내 마음을 담아서 (Dear Kamilia) (nae maeumeul damaseo; with all my heart)

track ten's the Korean version of the "JET COASTER LOVE" b-side, "ima, okuritai 'arigatou'."

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Aug 25 11 9:20 AM

i love the cover, they all look great (well, hara doesn't but w/e)

they could've included Jumping and Lupin on the album 'cause I don't buy minis

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Aug 25 11 10:18 AM

I can´t wait

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