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Oct 26 12 2:53 AM

NATE wrote:
Why are they including remasters and new recordings of songs that are barely 2 years old? It's nit like they've even shown enough growth since then to be doing self-covers.

Probably just because those songs were much bigger hits than their previous two singles ever were so they're hoping it might attract some more buyers.

How much will this sell? For some reason I'm expecting less than their previous two albums, since neither single set the charts ablaze and they've lost a LOT of digital selling power.

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Posts: 2,627 Mohtorboat

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Oct 26 12 1:38 PM

I hate that tattoo stocking trend going on, I think those things are ugly. And they look like sticks on the C cover.

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Nov 12 12 3:20 PM

They've been performing both "Electric boy" and "Girl's Power" to promote the new album. It's a good thing, since they didn't get to promote the latter when the single was released.

Can't wait for the new album, should be out tomorrow.3d0367fa67f2b9bd4c21867d98e4cece75260863_r

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Jan 30 13 6:29 AM

Kara - Pandora & Girls Forever Unboxang

Hey guys, I made a unboxing videos for Kara´s japanese album "Girls Forever" and another for the korean mini album "Pandora":

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Feb 28 13 11:28 AM

Oh thank god, I was not digging Doki Doki Romance, but I'll take it as a b side.

Maybe it'll grow on me, too.

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Mar 1 13 12:57 PM

k1s3k1 wrote:
Doki Doki Romance must be the coupling song!
Tracklist is out and the coupling song is "My Boy". So who knows where "Doki Doki Romance" is from. "Bye Bye Happy Days!" is the actual song title; mystery solved.

The CD only version will also have a Korean song called "Beautiful Night", but I don't really remember they releasing this song before?
EDIT: "Beautiful Night" is the opening song for "KARA: The Animation".

Last Edited By: Shiman Mar 1 13 2:10 PM. Edited 1 time.

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Mar 14 13 8:33 AM

Shot PV version?   

Love it from the preview. The girls look so very precious and flawless... I wonder how this will sell... 

Last Edited By: Cellac Mar 14 13 8:36 AM. Edited 2 times.

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Mar 27 13 3:03 PM

25,552 copies sold on the first day. If it can keep up better than "Electric Boy", it may sell better at the end of the week.

I know K-pop's boom in Japan is over, but I wonder if there's more to KARA's decreasing sales. One year ago they were at the top of their game in Japan and suddenly their album sells seven times less than the previous one - even though "Girls Forever" is a much more solid album than "Super Girl".

Last Edited By: Shiman Jul 22 13 2:05 PM. Edited 1 time.

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Jun 18 13 12:17 PM

New single "Thank You Summer Love" out on 07/24. These girls seem to be the only Korean girl group left that is continuing activities in Japan... everyone else gave up lol I still think this thread should be moved back to the K-pop artists forum as they are a Korean group and promote in both areas just as all the other groups did.

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Jul 19 13 11:04 PM

Everyone else in this forum has stopped caring for this group ever since they've become just-another-generic-j-idol ever since Jet Coaster Love. But, despite the glaring genericness that they are flogging, I keep still going back to them and generally found their J-singles to be strangely listenable. They're the surviving K-pop queen in the J-Pop world and watching them AT LEAST trying to promote themselves in TV shows (with or without scripted lines) is quite endearing. Helps they look flawless in videos too lol, KARA has become my bias. And oh, they get +100 brownie points for selling their stuff in iTunes. GJ girls.

This summer song is good nonetheless, but I'd rate it below Bye Bye Happy Days for the moment. With 7 versions, I'm curious as to whether this can get them their deserved second no. 1 next week. Now if only they'd release something fierce like Speed Up next single I'm sold.

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