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Sep 27 12 7:23 AM

I'm quite curious to listen to this!

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Sep 27 12 7:28 AM

3rd Japanese album 14th November! and same day is KARASIA Seoul DVD

KARA、待望のJAPAN 3rdアルバム!
2012/11/14発売予定 (10月上旬告知予定) 
【DVD付初回生産限定盤A】タイトル未定 UMCK-9599  定価:¥3980円
【フォトブック付初回生産限定盤B】タイトル未定 UMCK-9600  定価:¥3500円
【ボーナストラック付初回生産限定盤C】タイトル未定 UMCK-9601 定価:¥3059円

”KARASIA” 韓国・ソウルで行われた正真正銘“初”ワンマンの熱狂をパッケージDVD
2012 KARASIA Seoul Concert POBD-22070 定価:¥6,980円

3rd album teaser image

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Sep 28 12 9:06 PM

So the verses had me expecting a pretty crappy song. BUT then the music picks up and you're hit with the chorus, which is pretty sweet, perfect for ringtones (I'm sure that's not coincidental).

Sure, the PV does seem really cutesy to the point of seeming amateurish, but that doesn't change the fact that the song is much better than Pandora IMO.

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Oct 9 12 12:14 PM

From CDJapan:

Third album of KARA features their hits "Speed Up," "Girl's Power," "Electric Boy," and more for 10 tracks total. Also includes 2012 version of "Jet Coaster Love," "GO GO Summer!," and "Winter Magic" as bonus tracks. This edition comes with a bonus DVD with a music video of "Pandra" sung in Korean, another versions of music videos "Go Go Summer!" and "Mr.," plus their live performance at "SIGMA Fes." on October 8, 2012, and album cover making-of (subject to change).
It's safe to say they'll include "Orion" in the album also, so there will be 6 new tracks plus the new versions of "Jet Coaster Love" and "Winter Magic".

Their SIGMA Fes performance:

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Oct 25 12 10:03 PM

So the tracklist of Girls Forever is out!

1. Electric Boy (エレクトリックボーイ)
2. Speed Up (スピード アップ)
3. Girls Power (ガールズ パワー)
4. Gimme Gimme (ギミー・ギミー)
5. Shake It Up (シェイク イット アップ)
6. Innocent Girl (イノセントガール)
7. Oops!
8. Kiss Me Tonight (キス ミー トゥナイト)
9. Rock On (ロックオン)
10. Orion (オリオン)
11. Jet Coaster Love 2012 (ジェットコースターラブ 2012)
12. GO GO Summer 2012 (GO GO サマー! 2012)
13. Winter Magic 2012 (ウィンターマジック 2012)
14. Jumping (Remastering) (ジャンピン (リマスタリング))
15. Mister (Remastering (ミスター (リマスタリング))


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JPC Admin

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Oct 25 12 10:08 PM

Why are they including remasters and new recordings of songs that are barely 2 years old? It's nit like they've even shown enough growth since then to be doing self-covers.

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Oct 25 12 10:22 PM

It's probably just a tactic to get more people to buy the album. The label just wants people see that Mister and GO GO Summer are on it and hope that that is enough to get them to buy it if they weren't going to in the first place.

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Oct 25 12 10:52 PM

it's funny though, they could have easily knocked off those last four songs and it actually would have looked fine

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